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Reality vs, Illussion?

Reality vs. Illusion was expounded here http://www.freewebs.com/magbasa (the origin of tantra)is it important and an advantage for you to know and differentiate it? Tell me why/which one if you have cite any fault here.?


  1. I have come across tantra in esoteric literatures I’ve read before.
    I disagree about the use of science. Science is objective while tantra is mystical based, it is an art.

  2. Sorry I read this “TANTRA is the fundamental spiritual science. It is the process of shattering the bondage of all mental weaknesses, conquering those weaknesses and mental enemies, of establishing oneself above the pull of each and every instinct, of transforming animality into divinity”
    And promptly realized that it had no clue what science is and that it was trying to establish authority or creditability by using the word science. Therefore, it is most likely bogus.

  3. We cant differentiate them from each other,
    The beauty and fantasy are over the physical being.
    I see the rain I feel it is beutiful, when I feel the beauty of the rain it makes me dream or fantasize .
    This dream that the beauty of the rain gives me cant be distracted from the rain itself .
    We are destined to dream in this realistic world.
    To dreamedrs it is impossible to differentiate the reality from the illusion All is real and at the sme time illusive
    There exists Only the happiness of dreaming.Tantra


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