Real Wiccans please answer.?

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OK sorry for my lack of proper grammar or mass generalization but it’s 12:17 and I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow, yet my curiously has left me stranded on Yahoo for another question.
I am not religious, I mean my grandparents are and if people ask what my religion is I respond Cathlic, though I am very open minded towards everything. I am my own self, we’ll just say.
Well I am really into witches and such, ever sense I was a little girl I’d go to my local book store and search for old spell books, for experimental reasons. My grandfather, whose a rock hound has given me many stones, which I know certain stones represent different things but I’m curious what else is there to learn. Obviously a lot.
Here’s some questions.
What does the pentagram mean. I grew up learning it was a evil if upside down but when it was right side up the 5 points represented the elements and the circle, that you sometimes find around the object means they all coincide and work with each other.
Do you believe in any god or goddesses?
In a short sentence how would you describe the Wicca religion?
Are spell, rituals, or any of those things real
What is a book of shadows and is it based on true Wicca ideas
Anything else you wanna tell me, I want to hear. I’m so interested, and I just want to update myself a little more.
Thanks for any time spent answering my questions. I know I have more but I forgot and am tired.

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Ghoast Kitteh [hooman vurshun]

This is probably the best site about Wicca, all the questions you’ve asked can be answered here:


Your right about the pentagram, right side up (1 point up) it represents the 3 elements (earth, air, fire and water) and spirit). For some the circle represents protection. Upside down (2 points up) is usually associated with satanism and other ‘evil’ things.
I personally believe in the God and Goddess. I don’t follow all the Gods and Goddesses, but I belave they exist.
Spells, rituals and the such are real. They are as real as praying in Christianity.
either way, your are generating energies and petitioning the Gods / universe / what-have-you for something.
A book of shadows is a personal notebook. You can keep information on your path, spells, or what ever else you want to remember. I wrote an article in the topic:


Wicca and Witchcraft are not synonymous.
Wicca is a specific religion… Witchcraft is a practice (can be combined with any or no religion). If you are considering learning either (or both), knowing which one you are interested in will help you decide what you want to read/learn/study.
It has been used for ages by many groups, even Christianity at one point, and has many meanings. Wiccans/Witches don’t consider the pentagram evil (right side up, or up-side down). It is usually used to represent the 5 sacred elements: Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire & Water.
Point up represents the spirit above or ruling over the physical elements; point down in the spirit descending into matter.
I believe in Goddess and God. I’m an inclusive monotheist– I believe there is one Higher Power, and that it has masculine and feminine qualities. I believe all Gods and Goddesses of all religions are different ideas about the nature of the Divine. These powerful archetypes represent Divine Power, and by personifying the Higher Power we are able to relate to it much better, but I still only believe in one Great Spirit.
Wicca is a modern religion (70 yrs old or so) based on older (some ancient even) beliefs. It is a reconstruction/reinvention of Northern European Pagan religions, often combined with the practice of Witchcraft and other occult practices, and influenced heavily by ceremonial magic and Freemasonry. Wicca is something of a patchwork of many beliefs, though still in it’s infancy it continues to change and grow.
Rituals are something you do repeatedly. If you get up every morning, make coffee and read the paper, that is a ritual. If you put on a robe every full moon, light a candle and pray to the Goddess, that is a ritual. Yes, people have all sorts of rituals– some religious, some not.
Yes, but most people just don’t understand how magic works. They think it is a shortcut, that they can say a few rhymes or follow instructions on lighting candles and incense and they get whatever they want. Magic/spells are real, but they just don’t work the way most people think. A highly misunderstood art.
It is your own personal journal/holy book. YOu can write down your trads rituals and chants and prayers, you can journal your experiences, your dreams or thoughts. YOu can keep your favorite incense blend instructions or your favorite holiday recipes in it. Art, poetry, inspirational quotes– it is up to you.
Don’t buy one already made; people who want it to be “showy” do that but that’s missing the point of the book entirely. Make a personal one, that’s kind of the point of having them.
Read… study… take it from there.
If you want to be Wiccan (religious), it’s something to give a lot of thought to, and something that, if it is right for you, you will begin transitioning to over time. Don’t try to force it, it’ll come, just educate yourself and begin incorporating new things into your practice as you feel ready for them.
If you want to be a Witch, well, you’re in for a LOT of work. Despite the fact that a lot of people try to sell Witchcraft as a quick fix, it is not easy or a short cut. It requires a lot of dedication, years of study and meditation and effort to even begin to become adept if you do it right. (a lot of people will try to take the short cuts– not bother meditating, just follow spells the find in books and online without knowing why they’re doing what it says– they don’t really get anywhere with it).
Good resources:


What does the pentagram mean. I grew up learning it was a evil if upside down but when it was right side up the 5 points represented the elements and the circle, that you sometimes find around the object means they all coincide and work with each other.
Five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. While some people consider the inverted (upside down) pentacle to be satanic, it is also a symbol for the 2nd degree in some Wiccan traditions.
Do you believe in any god or goddesses? Yes. Wicca is a religion, therefore a belief in a higher power(s) is part of the Wiccan belief system.
In a short sentence how would you describe the Wicca religion?
There is no way to answer this in a short sentence. Look it up on
Are spell, rituals, or any of those things real.
Yes. Spells don’t work the way Hollywood portrays them and are not a necessary part of the religion. Wiccan rituals are not so different from any other religious rituals in the sense that they are designed to form a connection to Divinity.
What is a book of shadows and is it based on true Wicca ideas
A book of shadows is basically a work book – spells or rituals that have been designed and used as well as the results.
see also and


1) The pentagram is the symbol of the elements and the spirit. Either way, upside down or right side up, doesn’t make it evil or good. The circle is representatve of the cycles everything goes through (the four seasons, the cycle of life (birth, life, death, rebirth), etc…) Symbols are what we make them. If you feel they’re evil pointed down then that’s up to you. It doesn’t necessarily make them more or less poweful to another, it’s just your interpretation of the symbol, and how it will affect you, yourself.
2) They believe in a God and Goddess. which ones is dependant upon the individual Wiccan and/or tradition they follow.
3) It would be better for me to direct you to this link as it’s a fairly reputable site regarding the Wiccan religion and will give you accurate information:
4) Spells are not the main focus of Wicca, but some will incorporate them into their religious workings. They may perform rituals on occasions depending on the time and event.
5) A Book of shadows is their…journal…for lack of a better word. It is used to store all pertinent information regarding their path. Any spells (if they use them) or rituals they perform, sabbat information and celebrations, information on their studies including herbalism, gemology, divination practices, etc…, as well as records of practices performed and how they worked (if they did and where they need more practice)
Hope this has been of some help to you.


I was Wiccan, or a witch for the last 15 years. Recently I have become disillusioned in regards to my Pagan path, but I will try to give my best answers to your questions.
A book of shadows is not based on wiccan ideals. It is a collection each individual witch creates of her own spells, rituals, rules and experiences along the path. Usually a witch will end up with several books spanning her life. In just eleven years I have made at least six, or seven.
The rituals are as real as any Sunday church service would be. As for spells… that is subjective. I once believed that yes they were real, but looking back, I am more of the opinion that I was seeing what I wanted to see. Making small, insignificant details into much more than they were.
Wicca is a peaceful, loving religion.
I am becoming more and more atheist than agnostic all the time.
The pentagram… it is a symbol of several things. Once upon a time it was a representation of Christ, but it was deemed to be Pagan, so… I prefer to view it as the four elements plus the aether(the spirit that connects everything), all in the shape of a human being, held together as one. It is still a powerful symbol in my mind and heart.


The Pentagram is known as the Pentacle in the Wiccan religion, representing the 5 elements of life. Earth (North) Air (East) Fire (South Water (West) Spirit (Connect all together, but usually shown as the top point of the star)
n the Wiccan religion, the Pentacle which is “upside down” represents the Horned God while the “upright” represents the Goddess.
Wiccans believe in the Goddess and God, the Goddess usually is slightly more important as she is the one who gives life to the God after he “dies” at Samhain. Some Wiccans see the Goddess and God as actual beings, while others see them as symbols of life and concepts. Other Wiccans believe the Goddess and God came from a single entity known as The One or The All, which divided into the Goddess and God. Wiccans depending on which path they choose, have Gods from different cultures to represent them.
Some Wiccans see it as honouring the Gods rather than worshiping them.
Wicca is a religion that respects all life and honours the Goddess of the Earth and God of the Sky. It’s followers celebrate the turning of the seasons through the 8 Sabbats and honour the moon on the Esbats.
Magick is said to be a gift from the Goddess and God to their witch children, so that they have a limited version of their Power in able to cause change in the physical world to make their lives easier but magick only works if you don’t abuse it, and all actions are returned as good or bad depending what magick was used for.
A book of shadows is a journal where all magickal workings are placed. Spells and rituals, outcomes. it is a big book of magickal learning, which is usually passed down to the next generation. Sometimes the book is referred to as a Grimoire.
There are loads of sites you can visit simply by typing Wicca into google that offer information.

Girl Raphael

Why dont you go to the library and read on it. It takes time to develop it and it is not an overnight process. The pentacle represtents earth, fire, wind, water and spirit and is a protection against harm. I like Wicca because it lets me be who I want to be. Your book of shadows is your own and keep your own notes and stuff in it. It works because I have overcome much since following this path.

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

Point-down pentagrams do not have to represent evil. In fact, most times it doesn’t. Many Satanists, witches, Wiccans, ceremonial magicians and eclectic pagans use both point-up and point-down pentagrams and ascribe a wide variety of meanings to them. Symbols do not have inherent meaning. People ascribe meaning to them.
Often times the five points represent the five elements. The orientation sometimes denotes the element of spirit ruling over the physical elements or spirit being subsumed by the physical elements.
Yes, I believe in a god and goddess, and I pretty much presume the deities other people follow are probably real too, although I have no personal experience with them.
Wicca is a 20th century polytheistic religion with ritual centering on a patron god and goddess and accepting that spiritual and material worlds are intimately connected.
Wicca is not about spells. Yes, rituals are real. If you see a Wiccan ceremony, you will see rituals, just like if you go to a Christian service, you will see Christian rituals. They are real. They achieve the purpose they are meant to achieve. I suspect you have something else in mind when asking about “rituals” that isn’t actually applicable here.
A book of shadows is a person’s, coven’s, or tradition’s collection of spiritual knowledge, including beliefs, rituals and private thoughts. The issue of “true” doesn’t apply here.
Wiccans and witches are not the same thing.


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