Real Magick spells for beginners to try out :]?

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any websites with magick spells etc for beginners. I’m really spiritual and interested in Magick spells etc. x

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Lord Infamous ♥ Penguins

lol, they don’t actually work, but you could google magic spells, and see what pops up


Music is magic. Art is magic. Words are magic. And Love is magic.

i say it with luv

Have you tried Jesus Christ? You don’t need magick. That stuff is dangerous. Why not get to know Jesus and just pray when you want a change in your life?


Because It never works…


Cause not everybody believes in jesus pagan was around before mr almighty tahnk you very much!!!!

Vampires are not real

For beginners – tell yourself to remember your dreams and when you do, write them in a dream diary. Once you start remembering your dreams, you’ll recognize the recurring ones. You can talk to the people in those dreams and they will tell you things 🙂

kymm r

before you practise witchcraft you would have to be taught by an elder and have studied for over a year, the three fold law has to be observed. It is not a 5 minute thing, people devote their lives to the practise.

_~*~Queen Iggy~*~_

Wicca (Magic) Is a religion. Toying with wiccan magic without being of that religion is dangerous. Do not!


witch craft/wicca is a religon , google it 🙂
good luck !

thomas shelley

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>tell yourself to remember your dreams< Ummm I think there's abit more to it than that........... Also practising magick is not part of a religion. someone from any religion can practise magick. If you are interested in Wicca, you should research it, buy some books. If you think Wicca isn't for you, but you want to practise witchcraft then that is still acceptable. Just remember about karma, whatever yuo send out to the universe will come back to you.


If you want to practice magic, don’t start with spells, start with the foundation:
– study, so you understand what you’re doing, why it works, how it works, etc.
– meditate, so that you learn to discipline your mind, alter your state of consciousness at will, focus, raise and direct energy, etc.
If magic were easy or a shortcut to instant gratification, everyone would be jumping on the band wagon. The truth is, magic is a serious discipline that requires a great deal of study and dedication to become adept. It’s not the easy road.
Looking for spells when you want to learn magic is like looking for sheet music when you want to play an instrument. When you’ve never tried it, you don’t need sheet music, you need the beginners guide. You need to nimble your fingers and learn the notes and practice playing the scales. After a while of that, then you can actually think about playing songs.
Same thing with magic– lots of groundwork to lay before you can even think about casting your first spell.


i know a spell and it works you need to study on megic for a year and study hard then make a wond than outs stuff on it then look up a spell then you shood be a magical person!


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