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Real Magic Teacher Needed and No Joking I want The Real Deal.?

I have been interested in magic for a very long time and I want to learn. I have tried millions of sources but none work. I would like someone serious that can answer my questions truthfully and that can teach me over the internet, e-mail, or IM. I would really like it to be free because I am tired of losing money on false. I have heard of book of shadows and other things but can someone answer my questions and teach me and help me and so forth.


    • I’m clueless about the experience but I want to become a dedicated learner and practitioner so I had you the best teacher can you make me a best educated student?I love to know a whole lot about this carreer.

  1. My name I Marq Moorehead and I have had 2 recent NDEs this year crossing over had an expantion of consciousness and gained special abities so I can move objects without touching them mind reading of past present and future, able to communicate with with the dead and heaven I can prove all visually. I’m promoting my gifts before I end up in Tibet in 20yrs so I have a lot of work to do for the next 69yrs so I will be very busy soon in traveling the world soon. Enlightenment is real but there’s more to that that. Pretty much I work up my subconscious and it happen to be Shiva (the Hindu god when he explains he is more ancient than that beginning of time ancient). What I have to do will be known by the public soon media and governments aroun the world. You can reach me @614-972-0077 there a a lot of mediums and channelers out there but they are not accurate most of the time they are talking to demons or evil spirits. We can prove all this physically and educate you guys in divine trantra at the same time so get to learn divine arts at the same time with us we hold no secrets. We are not illusionist they practice dark trantra and that’s not what we are. Checkout Twitters feeds @shive_incarnate for updated post on truth. I hope we can help you before we get way to busy letting know that God is finally back and in America

    • Phillip, I am new to this site but when I saw the post I had to reply. Magic is very real and I can teach anyone who really wants to learn. I am willing to give you information which I believe will convince you. A technique that you can use immediately which works with little effort and is repeatable, then you can post whether I am a scam or not but how do we get in touch. I don’t want a large number of people contacting me but I will communicate with you. Suggest a way.

  2. A real magician should be able to prove that magic is real, which while difficult is not impossible. I can teach you real magic and I believe I can prove it to you. I am 61 years old and there is nothing very special about me but I am a real magician and it took most of my life to become one. It doesn’t have to take anyone that long but you do need a good teacher. I will send you my email and give you a technique that you can use immediately. If you are then satisfied that I am for real you may contact me and we will talk.


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