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readings over the internet?

I’m just curious how you would make readings for someone over the internet with just someones date of birth… I’m talking about any and every kind of readings. can you read someones aura who you’ve connected with over the internet? do you have to know them really well? can you commicate with other people’s angels etc?
sorry, I’m just really curious, – is it possible for anyone to make a reading for me just by reading this question?
What are I ching readings? I did a search on wikipedia and I really don’t understand it 🙁


  1. you can do an I Ching reading with only a name, but works better if you’ve seen a pic, I only do face to face readings though. But facade.com have a weirdly accurate I ching reading option.

  2. there is no scientific proof, its a compulsive fantasy disorder that just feeds of peoples gullabilities and gives them hope from a non-existent entity..

  3. Psychic readings over the Internet will have exactly the same value as any other psychic reading; zero.
    Someone interacting with you can pick up a great deal of information from your body language; see “Tricks of the Mind” by Derren Brown, who can do as well as any psychic while totally rejecting any kind of mystical or supernatural powers. This much of course cannot be done over the Internet.

  4. Don’t need to know anything except that someone needs help. It is all intent driven. Some people use astrology and need the birth date, I am not so handicapped.

  5. A reading done with just a date of birth would only be the most basic astrological reading (and of very limited value, right up there with reading your horoscope in the paper). A limited numerology reading could also be done this way (again of limited value)
    It is possible that someone very gifted could tune into you, at your request, with just your birthdate, but ask yourself how likely it is you would find such a person on the internet.
    Someone can only communicate with your guides if it is for your highest good, so it’s not going to happen by someone just being curious about you. When you request a reading with someone you are in effect, giving them permission to communicate with your guides, but again, anything told will only be for your highest good.
    The I Ching is the chinese book of answers, and is a method of getting answers to a question – it’s easy enough for anyone to do but the answers aren’t as straight forward as you might think, though if you think about them they do provide valuable insight. you are better to do it, and ponder the answer yourself rather than relying on someone else to do it for you. your local library may have a copy of the book.

  6. As a medium, i only need your energy and words or dates that belong to you are imprinted with your energy, and my spirit guide knows no time or space.so yah, I can read people online.

  7. Hello
    As long as a psychic link can be made readings can be done many ways.
    If DOB is required then that may not be a psychic reading but an astrological one.

  8. I work with oracle cards a great deal, which are very similar to tarot, and a key requirement is a good working relationship with my guides. As faehuntress wisely pointed out, a psychic or a medium does not really require a person’s birth date to do a reading…but it is a requirement for doing an accurate astrological reading because they rely heavily on planetary alignments and positions when the person was born. The Zodiac has been part of many cultures – and still is. While slightly different than in the west, the Chinese Zodiac also entails 12 distinct signs that are said to “rule” a specific part of each year.
    When it comes to using divination tools like oracle cards, the only information that is needed to do a reading is a person’s name…nothing else. If a medium or psychic claims a birth date or other personal information is required to get accurate information, don’t believe it for a second. Using leading questions that supply info related to a person is known as “front loading”…and yes, it gives a supposed psychic a foot in the door to making educated guesses and it does happen.
    If people would take the time to actually read and study, they will understand that unless one is an “intuitive”, any messages or information from a reading are relayed by one or more of the medium’s spirit guides. I work almost exclusively with my doctor teacher guide when using oracle cards for a reading. It takes a great deal of training to get to a point where the communication between medium and guide can be relied on. Just like dreams, guides often get their messages across through symbols – images that have been agreed to by both parties to denote specific ideas or thoughts. A medium quite literally has to learn another language. Unless they are a very strong clairaudient – the abillity to hear messages from the spirit realm – as in a type of psychic known as a “channel”, a medium will have an extensive dictionary of sorts that they’ve taken considerable time in putting together with their guides…very similar to a dream dictionary, which one can access from any number of sites online. While the meanings of specific symbols may have some commonalities, the ones used in our dreams are unique to us, simply because no two people have had exactly the same life experiences.
    I can’t comment on every medium who uses divination tools, because each one uses them in their own unique way. As for your question about being able to communicate with somebody else’s guides or angels – whatever term one is comfortable using – this is how a medium is able to obtain information about another person. The best way to describe this is how one communicates with another – who speaks a different language – using an interpretor. The medium only has access to information that is supplied by the person’s guide.
    Personally, when I do a reading for somebody I request that they have a specific question or questions they would like answered already prepared. A general reading is just that..very general in nature. Instead of sending the question directly to me, I ask thet they write it on piece of paper, place a random four letter combination at the top, which is known as a designator, and then just send me the four letters. In remote viewing, which is a clairvoyant psychic ability, a Remote Viewer is given the same type of thing known as a “target designator” which isolates the target they are to view. Think of it as a variation of a bar code on products we buy in a store. Each product is given a specific set of numbers or letters that are used to denote what the product is and the scanner is already keyed so that it knows exactly what the item is. It is commonly thought by many ancient cultures and religions that everything we do, say or even think is recorded in a kind of cosmic computer. Christianity refers to as the Book Of Life, while many today refer to it as the Akashic Library or Akashic Records and it is from here that remote viewers access the “signal line” that isolates a very specific act or point in time.
    Remote viewing can be a considerably reliable source of info gathering, depending on the skill of the viewer and the greater reality link below will provide some understanding about target deisignators and samples of the kind of detailed information a trained remote viewers can access.
    Yes, there will always be people who will regard the messages or information a medium obtains, working with the guides of a client and their own, as the old adage we’ve all heard…”Is the glass half full or half empty?” No medium or psychic has 100% accuracy and will seldom rbe able to relay all messages or information related to their client’s request.
    Consider it this way…a school class requires each student to read a specific book and then submit a book report. No two reports will be exactly the same, obviously…a teacher reads one and then tells the student that they obviously didn’t really read the book because the


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