Reading your aura and others?

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What is the best way to see your Aura and others, I have allways had problems doing this.

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Jessica K

You can probably smell my aura…I just farted…

markos m

You stand in front of a mirror, and with a mallet you heat your head, and that is when you’ll see stars, moons, and your Aura dance before your eyes.


Look at what is not and is there. Reading an aura is a gift if you can’t see them then it may not your gift. I have heard there are people who take pictures of them. I have seen the pictures and it looks like over exposed film. If you have a guild ask them to read for you.

wize woman

For a start, lift a palm of your hand so it is between your eyes and a source of light, sunlight is the best;
–relax, breathe slowly and deeply–inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth-
–soon you’ll notice an aura surrounding your fingers.
With practice you’ll see all auras with ease. Good luck.


i have a hard time sometimes in seeing auras. i have found out thru patience and learning to relax, that auras are easier to see on command when i focus and breathe deeply and calm myself down.

Taliesin Penn Beirdd

You need to learn to focus your sight through your third-eye chakra (located in the middle of your forehead). I’ve had difficulty doing this myself, it’s not easy to forget to look through the physical eyes and learn to look through the spiritual one. Once you acheive this you should start to see colours surrounding people, and as you become more adept you should also be able to percieve their chakra points allowing you to ascertain specific dis-eases (by this I mean anything which makes that person ill at ease) in others.
There are plenty of websites with lists of what colours you may expect to see and what they represent.
There is also an excellent book by a guy named Pete A Sanders Jr. called ‘You Are Psychic!’, which is available through Amazon.


read the book THE CELESTINE PROPHECY. its an amazing journey through forests and these people are after all the insights. what they learn on their way is amazing. this i have learnt myself but is very hard to explain, you need to read the book to know what i mean. ive heard they made a movie based on the book, but i heard the book is so much more detailed on the actual purpose of the story

The Chaos

i can see other peoples auras perfectly i have a gift i think. The way i started was just trying to see past the person. but i dont have to do that i can see everyones.

Tom B

Kirlian photography takes pictures of auras .try holding your hand in front of a white should try to be sleepy,right when you wake up, be in as much of the alpha state as you can, alpha level which is the dream state,be dreamy like .then look at your hand with the white cloth behind it.most people cant see it.but you can try .I have on just a few occasions.


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