Reading the major arcana tarot deck?

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I have been given a deck of tarot cards called the major arcana. I understand what each card represents now but i am unsure of how to read the cards for someone. Do i just lay them out, ask them to pick three cards and tell them what each reads or what? Any help will be great :P.

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xx vintage girl xx

Hmm, a difficult question to answer briefly but i’ll give it a try.
Firstly I am unsure why you would just be doing a reading from the Major Arcana deck, most readings are done with Major & Minor. Although having said that readings done with just the major will be more direct and not have as much detail.
Anyway firstly look on the internet for spreads that just use the major arcana and that will give you an idea of what to tell the sitter. Past, Present & Future is a good basic spread using 3 cards for each. Very simple and works well, although in time you can create your own. Don’t read for other people till you have read for yourself for a good while and know what to expect. Get a good book about it so you can read up on it.
My only other advise is this – how experienced are you with giving readings? My guess is you are a beginner. It is a *massive* responsibility to tell people things you get in cards as it’s not always good news. Reading Tarot is not a lighthearted hobby, especially when you are reading for others. You need to feel confident about your abilities BEFORE unleashing yourself on other people! The other thing is be careful who you read for and only give someone a reading once every six months.
I don’t use Tarot anymore, I use French Cartomancy cards which are much better and you use your intuition more, not a description from a book.
Email me if you require any more help.


oh goodness no. That’s not a good idea. The major acrcana is part of the deck, not the whole deck. there should also be court cards, and minor arcana? If you are serious about the tarot..and it will take a lot of learning..then buy a book. work on yourself for a period, in order to learn the meanings, although, as you go forward, your perception of the cards will change and move away from the written meanings anyway.


there are different spreads for different uses… the three card spread is basically for past, present and future… the card significant for ‘past’ will have a direct influence on the ‘present’, only when you understand the link between these should you read the third ‘future’ card… all three cards will will give you a general overview…
the celtic cross is a much more in depth reading, each card in its own particular position has its own meaning…once you’ve practiced it will get easier to read…
the best way to prepare your cards is to lay them on the table mix the with your left hand into a messy heap then collect them back into a single pile, separate into three piles and then reassemble in favored order back into a single pile….the cards are ready to read…(if you are reading for someone else they should prepare their own cards for the reading)…
cleanse cards by laying in the window sill under a full moon…
when learning read out what the book says, eventually you will begin to understand their place and meaning, and develop you own ideas of what is meant by each spread…
it is a good idea to begin with a cleansing prayer, you don’t want your card to tell you things you’d rather not know….


The most important thing you need to do is let the person who you are reading shuffle the cards for a bit and let their “energy” rub off on them (meaning the cards).


I am glad that you have found an interest in the tarot….I love “playing” with tarot. To answer your question; first of all the tarot deck is made up of the major arcana and minor arcana. There should be 78 cards in this deck….do you have all? Also I would not suggest that you read cards for others until you have a full understanding of each card, how they work together, and experienced reading for yourself. Keep a journal and record all that you see, feel, and do so that you can look for patterns and see/feel your progress in understanding each card. As far as laying them out, there are so many different spreads and methods and many readers write their own. You can find much of this information is books and on the internet; however, do not just stick with one resource…read lots!
Have fun and I hope you find what you are looking for…

Life Is...

Some professional readers actually do only read from the Major Arcana, but this practice is rare. Since you only have the Major Arcana, I would suggest that you read the energy of the three cards combined, rather than reading each meaning alone and separate, or as a past, present, future. In doing a good tarot reading, the seeker must learn that each card modifies the other. To be accurate, you must incoporate this into your reading. So examine the meanings of each card, and try to determine how they affect/modify one another. Since you are new to this, make sure that your sitter understands this and that they should not take anything you say as absolute fact.

Rev. Lynn D.

Your readings will be somewhat limited if you are using only the major arcana but it can be done.
Using three cards is best for answering a question. There are different spreads you can use for a more extensive reading.
It sounds like you really aren’t ready to do a reading. I would suggest finding a class at a new age bookstore. They are usually inexpensive and you can practice and compare with other students.


learn a spread, and let your intuition guide you beyond just knowing what the traditional symbolism means in each card.


Many readers tell those starting out to just use the Major Arcana–so you are doing okay with that. You will need to find a spread, but since there are only 22 cards in the Major Arcana, you should only do 1-3 card spreads. A one card spread could be the daily energy spread–yes only one card can be a spread–and that spread can tell you the major energy of the day. You could do the three card–past, present, future spread. It’s best to put a time frame on the reading, and you could say something like, “what do I need to know about my relationship with so and so within the next 3 months?” Then the first card to the left is the past of the relationship, the second card–in the middle–is the present, and the card to the right is the future…make sense?


I am having trouble i have a new deck of tarot but it has the major arcana and minor arcana
do i mix them ? or leave them separate


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