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Reading Aura's From Photo?

Can you read someones aura from a photo? Would it be the aura from that time when the picture was taken


  1. What do you think an aura is? If it is just some sort of mind-reading that is helped out by the visual, then only if the person is present so you can read their mind.
    If it involves light, then it would depend on the photographic film, and whether or not it can record this strange light that most of us can’t see.
    Scientists don’t believe in auras. No one can explain what they might be, and no one can pass simple tests that would prove their existence (like finding a person standing behind a screen just by the glow of his aura).

  2. I doubt that an aura could be clearly sensed or seen from a photograph, because the aura is the viable, moving energy field around a living person or thing. I’ve seen auras, and they’re very much *alive*.

  3. Hello
    Yes you can, a good psychic can just use another name, the photo would just be a tool to create a link.
    As a psychic can travel along time lines, the when if it would depend on the psychic.


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