Reading auras during meditation?

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I’m working on a story, which includes a man who has the ability while meditating to see the auras of other people. Like astral projection I suppose except that he only sees colors of people. Is there a term for this ability (or maybe it doesn’t exist at all). If there is a term or terms that might help me define this a little, I’ll appreciate it! What I mean that he mentally travels and sees people’s auras. I.E. In this scene he is in his basement room and meditating and see’s the auras of the people who are on the floor above him. I know he’d be called a medium of sorts, but I’m curious if what he’s doing has a name.

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No, that ability doesn’t exist since auras don’t exist, but don’t let that stop you from writing good fiction. Probably would fall under general psychic powers.


The term “clairvoyant” means clear seeing, ie of auras , spirits , the future or whatever. Distance and time are irrelevant when using this skill.
Maybe it’s not the word you are looking for… how about “psychic visionary” or “occultist”. He uses “extra-sensory perception”…or “esoteric skills”.
He’s using his third eye, brow chakra or ajna…. some who use this energy centre a lot for dreaming and psychic work develop an increase of blood supply to it, creating an increase in the size of the vein on the brow! You might add that to his attributes!
Happy writing!


Clairvoyance, it’s your inner vision, this happens to me, but in a different way, because we are all different individuals. When I am a sleep, and if any spirits comes near me, my inner eye, same as spirit eye or third eye opens to see the spirit in the room, I can also feel their personal thoughts too at this time. Twice before the spirit came close enough once through the wall, and another time it came through the roof of the home, and I was able to see the wood in the roof before the spirit came through by using my inner vision. My eyes are closed, yet I could see, and I am aware, same thing as intuitive insight, psychic awareness.
Chakras, wherein centian areas of the body influence energy flow in specific aspects of our lives, the third eye is the seat of clairvoyance. Located in the center of the forehead, it is the screen that receives visualizations, whether in the form of visions or imagery. Although a person might not feel that a picture literally apperas in his or her third eye, the concept provides a slightly more concrete way of thinking about this ability.


Like Eri says, such powers do not exist in real life. However, I am thinking, what would Dean Koontz do in such a situation, and I think he would use a mixture of pop-culture and making his own world.
I mean, think of it this way, if you don’t know exactly what this power is called, your character probably won’t know either. So he might invent a term for it, such as “meditative viewing”, “Spying” or “scanning”. What he calls it depends highly on who the personality of the character is. Is he a surfer type, a computer geek, a tough guy, a timid guy?


Umm… you’re either meditating, or seeing auras – you can’t do both at the same time. That’s my expert opinion.


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