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Rate/Fix my remove/return deck?

x2 caius the shadow monarch
x1 Mobius the frost monarch
x1 Divine knight ishzark
x3 dd survivor
x2 dd assailant
x1 dd warrior lady
x2 dd warrior
x2 kycoo the ghost destroyer
x2 bazoo the soul eater
x1 marauding captain
x1 goblin attack force
x2 reinforcement of the army
x2 dd reincarnation
x2 dimensional fissure
x1 mystical space typhoon
x1 lightning vortex
x1 heavy storm
x1 noblemen of crossout
x1 dark core
x2 marco cosmos
x2 sakuretsu armor
x2 return from a different dimension
x2 bottomless trap hole
x1 seven tools of the bandit
x1 torrential tribute
x1 karma cut
* i want a mirror force instead of karma cut and another caius and another dd warrior and dd assailant instead of marauding captain and goblin attack force; basically i just want my monsters to clear there field and to bring all my monsters back with return if i need to to finish off there life points


  1. i give it a 7/10 it is a pretty good removal deck and i can see what you are trying to do.
    One tip is you could get a spell called gravekeepers servant that when combined with macro cosmos can create a lock.
    Gravekeepers Servant
    Spell Card
    in order for your oppenent to d3eclare an attack they must discard the top card of their deck to the grave. With macro cosmos on the field they will not be able to attack because any card send to the grave is removed from play instead meaning that it is impossible to attack.
    other than that pretty good deck you might want to add a few more monarchs if you like.

    d.d warrior lady
    d.d. trainer
    kycoo the ghost destroyer
    gren maju da eiza X2
    d.d. warrior
    d.d. suvivor X3
    d.d. guide X3
    d.d. scout plane X3
    d.d. crow
    d.d.m. different dimension master X2
    jain the light sworn palidn X3
    brain control
    different dimension capsule X2
    nobleman of crossout X2
    soul release X2
    Dimisional Fissure X3
    Sakuretsu Armor
    Skull Lair
    d.d. dynamite X2
    macro cosmos X3
    this is me just messing around with the cards i had in the room and i made this deck i hope you like it you might want to run tree macro cosmos instead of 2 and the same with d fissure ok i don’t have any ciaus the shadow monarch so it is not that great but it works kind of the the light sworn helps
    email me if you have any questions


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