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Rate these lyrics 1-10?

Verse 1:
Modern day Alex Haley, off the Bailey’s
Strikin ni99as on the daily, for comin out they face like Israelis
It’s so blissful, listenin to the official
There’s no issue, the flow could melt a snow crystal
I bring the drama and spring the armor out my bomber
Like Osama, I quote, your float on the ways of karma
The crowd pleaser, give your child a mild seizure
Rock a style Caesar, run with crooks and wild skeezers
Vacate your premises, him against your nemesis, equal hemorrhages
Bad dreams and foul images
Y’all real funny, when I rain it spills runny
While it’s still sunny, I bill money and drill hunnies
DJ’s on the wheels spun me
At the right clubs, even lit up the white pubs like lightbulbs
Top notch, trippin off of movies off my watch
Drinkin scotch, observin as I watch what you botch
Yeah, it’s the phenomenon, disguised as a common don
Spittin kamis, bombs, grenades, you laid, remember my grade
The phlegm that I sprayed, sharper than a Samaurai blade
Bet it could trim a guy’s fade
Verse 2:
Yo, I’m the chose king, when flows swing, the blows sting
Hoes cleanin my clothes, I stand out like nose rings
At any given time I will shatter the soul
Your head and your hat is just rolled, I splatter your hole
It’s the confusin words, makin ’em confusin
Words of what you heard, how to die losin
Ni99as remain cheesed, they main squeeze is on they knees
As my trainees on how to give me a brain freeze
Now me the prick, was flyin bullets out the heater quick
To feed a click, I’m even sweeter when the beat is sick
Dick long as that centimeter stick
Chicks feel it in they stomach like it’s a fetus, when the fetus kick
Pullin thoughts out of thin air that my pen share
I’m been rare, even if I came as a twin pair
Oh no, the flow doesn’t end there
Strokin my chin hair, I’ll send flares to clear it out like skin care
Provoke the scanner, better be in a jokin manner
Cause my spoken grammar, comes equipped with cloak and dagger
Good luck shyt, I’m the one you can’t f*** with
In a truck lit, by the crib near the lake, where the doves sit
oh shyt i forgot to add in the audio

Elzhi on Yeah- The Preface
that shyt isn’t mine


  1. Yo that first line was ill.
    The whole thing was ill for that matter.
    Your metaphors were ill to.
    It’s a 10.

  2. 9.3/10 Elzhi is sick.
    On that mic question you asked me on your question. I would look for a condenser mic’ that fits the way you want to sound, like do you want to sound warm, dark, rough, etc….
    If you like Elzhi I would say you like that warm sound, so you might want to look for a mic like this:
    Low price and good quality.


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