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Rate these freestyle bars on 1-10?

one being the worst, ten being the best
I came up with these randomly. three seperate sets of bars. Imma finish the best one:
There aint no such thing as bad people
just mistakes
dont get me wrong there can be snakes
karma works slow on them
but, dont worry that Bych will be controllin them
givin them what she owes them
like ????? (tryin to come up with a similie)
Bar set 2: So if life’s a bitch
and Karma is too
are they freinds, are they cool
or at each othes necks
can’t wait to wreck each other’s plans
is that shit scams, or 100% real? (unfinished)
Bar set 3: Is it possible
that life is just an illusion, the maya
and things become clearer when you get
higher and higher
finally, you’ll come back dowh
don’t remember what you heard or sound
or what you found… out
mind’s headed south
which one should i finish, or should i give it up? be as blunt as you want. i need the truth if i suck.
can anyone rate em outta ten. and yes, ive only wrote about 6 verses ever so i am new


  1. Well, if you want the truth..
    First, it’s really hard to judge lyrics without hearing them over a beat, and knowing how you rap them.
    Second, your bars are really unbalanced – i’m not seeing any structure in them. Everything is very simple too. Try to avoid single-syllable rhymes. Rhyming multiple syllables sounds a LOT better.
    Depending on how long you’ve been rapping for (i’m assuming you’re pretty new to it), I would say don’t quit. I’ve seen MUCH worse from people just starting out. I would suggest you start recording everything though, because lyrics by themselves don’t do you much good. The best thing you can do is practice, practice, practice, and if you don’t understand something ask another question.


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