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Rate pokemon team and Also looking for Trades?

_-_Pokemon Team_-_
Pokemon: Dragon (Rayquaza)
level: 83
Moves: Dragon Claw, Outrage, WaterFall, Fly
Pokemon: Sceptile
Level: 54
Moves: Rock Tomb, Earthquake, leafblade, detect
Pokemon: Mew
Level: 100
Moves: Me first, baton pass, fly, aura sphere
Pokemon: Shiny Latias
Level: 100
Moves: Charm, healing wish, psychic, dragon pulse
Pokemon: Empoleon
Level: 70
Moves: Blizzard, Surf, Drill peck, Hydro pump
Pokemon: Monkey Man (Infernape)
Level: 67
Moves: Aerial Ace, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz
Note- When I was breeding infernape and a chimchar together dumb daycare got rid of my close combat.
Pokemon I am trading are:
And those are just the starters.. I am offering others too! Just email me!
For my pokemon name, its “Jerome” and My Friend Code is “1761-9675-8085 ”


  1. Try teaching your Mew Transform. Anyway, E-mail me with a full list of what you are offering. I’d like to know what you are trading.
    Please and Thank you!
    If you do E-mail me, make sure to remind me who you are and about this question (because I can’t think today :q ).

  2. Rating: Not very good……
    Legendaries/Ubers are a big no-no
    No one will want to fight against them. Other than that….Still not good…. Starters can be easily beaten as they have weaknesses to common pokemon.

  3. your pokemon are awesome. you can get your close combat back by going to the move tutor in Pastoria City. go down from the pokemon center and to the right by the water. inside you will see a man with a lot of boxes around him. he is the move tutor. he is able to teach your pokemon moves that can be recently learned. if you bring your infernape there, talk to him, give him a heart scale, and scroll on the moves list that pops up until you find close combat. and there you go. your infernape has now been taught close combat.

  4. teach rayquaza dragon dance
    get ride of baton pass and me first and give it like sludge bomb and whatever.
    why does “mokey man” have three fire moves….thats a no no
    sky uppercut

  5. ill trade with you!
    FC0344 6422 6636
    email me what else you got then ill email you what ive got
    10/10 with the team


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