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Rate My Team Pokemon Pearl??

Hiya, am playing Pokemon Pearl, and am just about to enter Sunyshore City, and this is my team:

LV 44 Torterra

Has an: Impish nature


Mega Drain
Razor Leaf

LV 43 Luxray

Has an: Naughty nature


Thunder Fang

LV 45 Rapidash

Has an: Docile nature


Fire Blast
Take Down

LV 42 Girafarig

Has an: Bashful nature


Zen Headbutt

LV 42 Gyarados

Has an: Rash nature


Ice Fang
Aqua Tail

I also have a Starly, but don’t keep it in the team, I just use it to Fly.

How can I make the team better? Please also tell me what attacks they should have, and please suggest different Pokemon I should put in (if any), and also an ideal sixth Pokemon I should have (PLEASE DO NOT say STARAPTOR LOL!!) Thanks x


  • right now 7/10

    Torterra-get rid of Giga Drain for Leaf Storm (which it learns at 57), Curse for Crunch and Razor Leaf for Iron Tail.

    Luxray-get rid of Bite For Iron Tail and Spark for Thunder Wave.

    Rapidash-get rid of Take Down for Sunny Day so you can use Solar Beam really quickly when facing water or ground, and Fire Blast for Flamethrower.

    Girafarig-well get rid of Psychic for Shadow Ball and in my opinion Assurance for Earthquake.

    Gyarados-Get rid of Aqua Tail for Earthquake and that’s it.

    Get a Toxicroak for your Sixth.

    Poison Jab (just for a good move)
    X-Scissor (to take care of his number 1 weakness Psychic)
    Brick Break (to help against Ground and he’s part Fighting)
    Stone Edge (for those Flying Types)

    after this I rate 10/10 and I hope I helped.

  • Thats not too bad really. There are a couple recommendations i have, though. When I first fought the E4, I had all 3 starters; I taught Torterra Razor Leaf, Crunch, Earthquake, Leaf Storm. Teach Infernape Flame Wheel, Close Combat, Fire Blast, and something else. Empoleon is my least favorite starter from this gen, but you should teach it Ice Beam, Surf, Drill Peck, and maybe Hydro Pump. That is just my recommendation, but it served me well. Girafirig is not my favorites Psychic type, I personally prefer Bronzong or Alakazam, Bronzong should know Future Sight, Extrasensory, Confuse Ray, and maybe Gyro Ball. An Electric type is absolutely necessary, now most people will tell you that Luxray is no good, now generally this is true, but if you can get one with a good nature (Naughty is the best) then it can be very good. Just make sure you are using some good moves, don’t use the same type of move more than once Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, and Crunch is a good moveset (you need to breed to get those, but it really is worth the extra trouble). A Flying type is really important for Aaron in the E4, I do like Staraptor, but you said you don’t want it so Crobat would be good, just be sure it knows Air Slash, and Cross Poison. Now thats 6, hope I helped ya!

  • ok, well Haunter is allways usefull in my eyes… This is mine.

    Gyarados LV 47
    Ice fang
    Hyper beam
    Hydro pump

    Haunter Lv 43
    Dream eater
    Shadow ball

    Torterra LV 47
    Razor leaf

    Aerial Ace
    Close combat

    yes, only 4, the other 2 i want i need beat the elite 4 to get
    U need to rid your self od Luxray, it is crap, especially with bite! I had a lv 59 one and it was killed by the, um 7th Gym leader on one go, i was like :O:O:O:O lol.

    if u ever need to battle e-mail me at flame.of.water@hotmail.com
    I would give u friend code but i dont know how to get to it.

  • Listen girl don’t listen to what that guy said It’s all about what levels the pokémon actually are. Say your torterra for example its only level 44, since it’s your starter pokémon raise it to ( i don’t know) a level 80 or something. It’s not that hard just carry on battling the elite four!
    Oh and one last thing your gaiafarig is somewhat a normal and psycic type right!? Well this is ok but when you raise that too it will get better and defeat people but soon you will tire with it’s abilities and lose focus on trainig it so maybe choose a different pokémon ( no normal types as they are easily defeated) lets say dratini or something strong like that
    don’t know wear to get rare pokemon? well this occurs after you finish the elite four. check this website http://www.serebii.net and brows away.

  • The natures arent right :/

    and you shouldnt have several attacks of the same sort.
    take gyarados:
    Ice fang, Surf, AND Aqua tail!?!?!?
    That is nóóó good

    Get Different kind of moves, and maybe a restore or paralyze/sleep move.

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