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Rate my pokemon team?

Altaria lv 80
Sky Attack
Hyper Beam
Dragon Dance

Aggron Lv 80
Rock Slide
Iron Defense
Iron tail

Charizard lv 80
Iron Tail
Dragon Claw

Feraligatr lv 90
Ice Punch
Acid Armour

Umbreon lv 80
Faint Attack

Bellosom lv 80
Leech Seed
Sleep Powder
Sunny Day
Solar Beam


  • You should try to put different variety of attacks to get better results. If you do You can beat more Pokemon by using their weaknesses

  • that is a good team because you have grass water and fire
    i would try learning a thunder move but otherwise a well balanced team

  • what game good team but i matters by gamelv100 d/p lv70 or more E/R fr/Lg lv85 on mine is good i didnt train others but anyway you can beat others anyway

  • dude, this is a cool team…with unique and awsome pokemon
    advice; you should switch hyper beam with an dragon move.. for altaria, everything is oke….
    we need to fight against each other

  • nice team
    nice match of types and moves

    but i would take out all of the HM moves except surf fly and waterfall

  • it is a nice team you should teach aggron or charizard something that can help against water type because its their weakness. I like the Bellosum

  • Good, Very good. I would replace your altaria with a much stronger dragon type, such as dragonite, salamence, or garchomp though. And i have to say im an espeon type of guy, rather than an umbreon one, but thats just preference.

    Even though dont like charizard, thats a good one you got there, so thats very good.

    Aggron is amazing with an amazing move-set so nothing to complain about there.

    You might wanna try and squeeze an electric type in there though, or even an electric type move, as theres a gap in your defenses.

    Overall a very good team, with a tiny bit of improvement to be made.

    Out of 10 i would rate it a 9, which is very very good.
    Just need to get them to level 100 and they’d be unbeatable.

    Happy gaming.


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