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rate my pokemon pearl team?

rate it 1-5 and add some comments(please)!
Infernape lvl100- flame wheel, flare blitz, close combat, and blast burn
Kyogre lvl100- aqua tail, hydro pump, water spout, and surf
Sceptile lvl100- leaf storm, leaf blade, iron tail, and hyper beam
Raquaza lvl100- hyper beam, thunder, blizzard, fly
Mewtwo lvl100- aura sphere, rock climb, thunder, psychic
(attack)Deoxs lvl100- psychic, extreme speed, psycho boost, hyper beam


  1. 2.7-3.0 legendaries r noobish and original and i would take out infernape for like charizard or someone good like that and insted of sceptile go for venasaur

  2. I’m giving your team a 2, and heres why.
    Infernape – Theres no reason to have three fire attacks on this guy. Get rid of AT LEAST one of them, but two would be better. It’s better to make him more diverse than just load him to the brim with the same attacks as his type. Also, a lot of his moves are powerful, like Close Combat and Blast Burn, but they seriously hinder him. He’ll only be able to attack once or twice before he’s killed off with these kind of moves. Add a move like Shadow Claw to kill off any psychic types that try to bring him down, Rock Slide would also be good to take care of flying types.
    Kyogre – Again, ALL you have is water moves on this guy. Which is a crying shame because this is one of the cheapest Legendaries out there, and you can do MUCH better things. Get rid of Aqua Tail, since Kyogre has much better Sp.Attack than Attack. Ice beam will cover everything a water move can’t, and also distroy any Grass types trying to get a one up on this guy. It will also take care of Dragon types, which run rampant in Legendary battles. Thunderbolt is another good suprise move. It’ll take care of any other water types that he’d have a hard time getting rid of otherwise. Rest would be nice, since this guy has more HP can you can shake a stick at.
    Sceptile – Again, two Grass attacks. But this is okay since one of them is somewhat of a suicidal move. Iron tail doesn’t cover any of Sceptiles weaknesses.
    Honestly, since you use Ubers and Legendaries, you should really exploit that and bring in a Rayquaza. It can learn just about anything, has recovery moves to top it off. The thing is about as lethal as you can get, and would be a much stronger and more versatile pokemon than Sceptile.
    Mewtwo – This is much better. Thunder you should ditch for thunderbolt given it’s low accuracy, though. Rock Climb isn’t exactly a bad move, but Mewtwo can learn almost every TM, so why limit him to a so-so HM move? You can do much better things with this guy. Just take a look at all the things he can learn: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/150.shtml
    Deoxys – Two Psychic types is pretty risky, even more so since your playing Legendaries. A Giratina could take your Infernape and Mewtwo out so fast it wouldn’t even be funny. In fact, most of Deoxys attacks would even be able to hit it. Deoxys, like mewtwo, can learn tons of TMs. If your intent on keeping him, rework his moveset and give him more diverse moves. Don’t always sacrifice accuracy for power. Power IS nice, but it’s worthless if you can’t land a hit.
    Your team has potential, but you should really try to rework the movesets. It’s also important to keep in mind that just because it’s lv.100 doesn’t mean it’s as powerful as it can be. Many players seem to think that these days, but the truth is most battles are lv.50, and all pokemon, regardless of level, are reverted back down to 50 for these kinds of matches. If your just using this team to beat the snot out of all the ingame characters, or some of your friends, then it’s fine. But if you want to exploit your team to it’s fullest potential, you’ll need to work more with the movesets and make your team more diverse.
    I hope that gave you some ideas for some new additions to your team. Good luck!


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