Rate my Pokemon Diamond team!?

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Also tell me what you think is wrong, All lv 100. I have nearly all legendnery Pokemon.
hyper beam
hyper beam
dragon dance
dragon rush
aqua tail
aura sphere
infernape or charizard idk which one.
swords dance
flare blitz
close combat
stone edge
dialga or any other legendnery
dragon claw
roar of time
earth power
blastoise or lugia?
skull bash
hydro pump
ty for reading
valentin T is on the road for best answer!
shenyou i would love!! to battle you but i dont have wi-fi 🙁

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Jack C

nice team i think you should have blastoise because he is the best pokemon eva iv played all the pokemon and on all the ones you can start off with blastoise i have done or iv started with water


its good…i give it a 9 out of 10.

Valentin T

you have a good team but you should keep lugia, and with tyranitar teach it dark pulse get rid of substitute, and also with dialga teach it a move like dragon pulse or aura sphere(learns at lvl 90).


its pretty kool team i would give u 8 out of 10
i got good team too :
bug type : yanmega
night slash
air slash
bug buzz
hyper beam
dark type : shiftry
dark pulse
leaf storm
solar beam
elesctric type : electivire
fire punch
giga impact
grass type : sceptile
leaf storm
leaf blade
hyper beam
energy ball
fire/fighting : blaziken
fire blast
flare blitz
blaze kick
earth quake
water : golduck
hydro pump
zen headbutt
this is my team when i battle someone
and they all are lvl 100
can you beat that?


not bad

willam lee

wow cool i wish i have that game

gabriel d

they all suck. ill give it a -10.

Deion C

(Rck/Drk) Tyranitar @ Leftovers
Adamant Nature
Weaknesses: Bug (x2), Water (x2), Fighting (x4), Grass (x2)
Dragon Dance
Taunt/ Subsitute
Rock Slide
Classic Tyranitar. Hyper Beam is Special and Tyranitar is a Physical Sweeper. Dragon Dance + Leftovers increases your chances of getting that +6 Attack and Speed. Sweep with EarthQuake and Rock Slide for considerable damage.
(Drg/Fly) Dragonite @ Life Orb/ Leftovers
Adamant Nature
Weaknesses: Rock (x2), Ice (x4), Dragon (x2)
w/ Life Orb
Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance
w/ Leftovers
Focus Punch
Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance
Both are classic Dragoite movesets. With the Life Orb, you can take advantage of the x1.5 boost in Attack with the drawback of losing 1/10th of your total HP. Roost covers that. D. Dance as much as possible (ony against Pokemon not strong against Dragonite), then Dragon Claw or EarthQuakle to sweep. Roost when your HP is too low for comfort. The Leftovers moveset is for a Dragonite that wants to last long in the battle, but provides some firepower as well. Substitute, the D. Dance while covering. The Leftovers will increase HP lost while behind the Substitute so you can create anothe Substitute so you can execute that perfect Focus Punch.
(Psy)Mewtwo @ Wise Glasses
??? Nature
Weaknesses: Ghost (x2), Dark (x2), Bug (x2)
Aura Sphere
Calm Mind
Basic moveset that coverse weaknesses and strengths. Recover is a must for Mewtwo, especially due to all of the high-powered attacks that will try to bring this bad boy down. Calm Mind in order to raise the Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense. Aura Sphere in order to hit Dark-type Pokemon that will certainly take advantage of Mewtwo’s Dark-type weakness. Psychic for a staple attack on a Mewtwo.
(Fire/Fght)Infernape @ Life Orb
Adamant Nature
Weaknesses: Water (x2), Ground (x2), Psychic (x2), Flying (x2)
Flare Blitz
Close Combat
An Infernape is NEVER meant to last long in the battle. It is meant to hit hard and fast. Basically, the moveset is self-explanitory.
(Steel/Drg)Dialga @ Admant Orb
??? Nature
Weaknesses: Fighting (x2), Ground (x2)
Roar of Time
Aerial Ace
Ice Beam
Aura Sphere/ Flash Cannon/ Earth Power
A moveset that I created. It covers weaknesses using Dialga’s high Sp. Attack stat. Aerial Ace to rid Fighting-types; Ice Beam to rid Ground-types. Roar of Time is a staple. Aura Sphere for the heck of it. Same goes for Flash Cannon and Earth Power. There really is no good moveset for Dialga. Now Palkia on the other hand…
(Wtr) Blastoise @ Leftovers/ Chesto Berry
Calm/ Careful/ Sassy Nature
Weaknesses: Electric (x2), Grass (x2)
Focus Blast
I honestly could not think of a moveset for Lugia or Blastoise. I did my best. I know that they are horrible but hey, at least I tried.


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