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Rate my Pokemon Diamond team? Any Suggestions?

It took me a long time to make this team:
Rayquaza – (lvl. 99)
Nature: Quirky
EV’s: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 6 HP
Moveset: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Brick Break
Giratina – (lvl. 99)
Nature: Quiet
EV’s: 126 Sp. Attack, 126 Attack, 126 Sp. Defense, 126 Defense, 6 HP.
Moveset: Shadow Force, Aura Sphere, Heal Block, Earth Power
Metagross – (lvl. 99)
Nature: Brave
EV’s: 252 Attack, 126 Defense, 126 Sp. Defense, 6 HP
Moveset: Brick Break, Zen Headbutt, Meteor Mash, Earthquake
Kyogre – (lvl. 99)
Nature: Naive
EV’s: 252 Sp.Attack, 252 Speed
Moveset: Surf, Ice Beam, Thunder, Calm Mind
Tyranitar – (lvl. 99)
Nature: Naughty
EV’s: 252 Attack, 252 Speed
Moveset: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Crunch, Surf
Zapdos – (lvl. 99)
Nature: Sassy
EV’s: 252 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Detect, Drill Peck
P.S: Hidden Power for Zapdos turns out to be a shadow type with power 65.
Also, I couldn’t get all the right natures for the pokemon.


  1. thats a really nice team!!! did u make it urself…
    mines better but i did trading and… i used pokesav. u shud use pokesav if u have a action replay

  2. Good
    Rayquaza get rid of Dragon Dance and teach it Outrage
    Kyogre get rid of Calm Mind andteach it Shear Cold

  3. i dont really like using legendary since thats the easy way i like to have a bit of a challenge not win on the first hit

  4. pretty good mine team is torterra lv 100solar beam,leafstorm,frenzy plant,earthquake
    infernape lv100flare blitz,blast burn,
    close combat,overheat,
    empoleon lv 100hydro cannon,hydro pump,ice beam,defog
    dialga lv100draco meteor,dragon pluse,aura sphere,roar of time
    palkia lv100earth power,draco meteor,spacial rend,surf
    giratina lv100shadow force,darkpulse,fly,aura sphere
    and hey you should shoot to get your team to lv 100 it took me about a month to trade then over wfc and get them to lv 100 hope this helps

  5. Yeah..it’s hard to get a right nature unless U do like this:
    before U catch the legendaries, u should save it first coz legendary is only one each game..then capture it..see their nature..if it’s not good, turn off the game then capture it again until u get the right one..
    (PS: my bro do this wit heatran..he wants to get rash/mild/ modest nature..)
    My suggestion is that have a poke that has synchronize ability such as: abra,kadabra,alakazam,ralts,kirlia,gardevoir,gallade,espeon,umbreon,mew
    Find the nature that U want..let’s say U want timid nature..find those pokemon that has synchronize ability wit timid nature..put they first in your party..it doesn’t matter if it fainted or alive as long as they are the first one in party..the legendaries have 50% chance of same nature wit those that have synchronize ability..make it easier to find a right nature..
    Your team is hard to raise..all of them has the total of 1250000 exp..that’s why U take a long time..if u have poke such as milotic, rampardos..it would be much faster coz those poke have the total of 600000 exp..
    -Rayquaza: already strong and the moves also good so dont worry about natures
    -Giratina:U try to make equal EV for every stat..but it considered not good coz it’s like U put it in daycare till lvl 99..
    There is no significant differences between any stats..U should choose either to make it offensive or defensive..shadow force is powerful but its weak coz it needs 2 turns..foe juz switch to a normal poke coz they know when U use shadow force, giratina disappear first..your shadow force means nothing to normal poke..change it wit shadow ball..it’s good move too..
    -Metagross:my bro has a metagross and know these:
    -earthquake,agility,meteor mash,magnet rise
    -Kyogre:standard moves but still good..
    -Tyranitar:as physical sweeper, surf will be no good coz it’s usin special attack..change surf wit dragon dance to boost attack and speed..
    -Zapdos:what’s that detect for? Detect for defensive poke..hidden power will be better if it turns out good..
    Hope this help..


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