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rate my pokemon diamond team and what to improve on?

(i am still training all my pokemon)
my team is
empoleon lv 78
hydro pump
charizard lv 85
dragon claw
dragonite lv 74
hyper beam
dragon pulse
dragon dance
honchkrow lv 75
dark pulse
faint attack
i am also getting a scizor soon
any ideas on what my last pokemon should be


  1. empoleon lv 78
    Ice Beam
    Drill Peck
    charizard lv 85
    Flare Blitz/heat wave
    Dragon Claw
    dragonite lv 74
    dragon rush
    ice beam
    iron tail
    (this is the best moveset i had ever made in my pokemon party, it covers every weakness)
    honchkrow lv 75
    dark pulse
    faint attack/fly
    steel wing
    sorry, but about the scizor, fire moves does 4 times the damage to it and scizor can not learn a rock, water or ground type move to deal with it, so i do not reccommend you having one. instead, have a gengar.
    Gengar lv..
    brick break/drain punch/focus blast
    dream eater
    dark pulse
    last pokemon
    Garchomp lv…
    lron tail
    dragon rush
    dragon pulse
    this is your new team! just in case you don’t know where the heck to catch a Gible, check the video below

  2. charizard is a special attacker, he should learn dragon pulse instead of dragon claw, also switch blast burn with earthquak (iknow this goes against what i just said, but it will help him out immensely)
    Get rid out cut, bubblebeam and hydro pump with Empoleon for flash cannon, ice beam and maybe drill peck
    dragontie is another physical attacker, give him either outrage or dragon claw, thunder punch and fire punch. Dragon dance is good for him
    for honchkrow all you need to do is switch faint attack with roost.
    teach scissor metal claw, aerial ace, double team and x-scissor
    for your last pokemon i would go with either tyranitar or rhyperior
    stone edge
    and avalanche
    mega horn
    stone edge
    hammer arm

  3. OK, I’ll rate each pokemon in a sec, but let me just start off with a few general tips.
    You have 5 pokemon, 3 of whom are weak to electric (admittedly this could be used to your favour, I’ll get to that in a sec), but you should think about your types more. Also, telling us what item’s they’re holding would help, as that can really make the difference in battles.
    I won’t bother with other obvious things like “train them to higher levels”, or “get some legendaries”. Yes legendaries might improve your team, but they’re cheap, and other players usually won’t battle you.
    Empoleon doesn’t need 3 water attacks, unless you come up against an opponent who only uses rock/ground/fire type pokemon, then really he isn’t doing much. I’d suggest keeping Surf. Replacing the others with Ice Beam and Grass knot means you can now hit 9 types super effective, and aren’t really resisted by any pokes in particular. Also Cut is a very poor move, I would suggest Stealth Rock in it’s place, since having a Stealth Rock down, when you’re up against an opponent who ever switches, can really wittle down their HP. Making him hold leftovers will also mean you can last a lot longer in battles.
    Charizard is good, Fire and Dragon moves work very well together since only steel resists Dragon, and Fire hits them. Plus you have Earthquake to take down the odd Heathran who resists both of your other attacks. I would suggest Substitute over your least favourite fire attack. This means you can’t be poisoned, paralysed, etc. And if you make him hold a salac berry, you can use substitute until it activates, making him much faster, and plus, blaze will then be activated, so his moves will be stronger.
    Dragonite ISN’T a special attacker. At best you could do a mix-nite. But really, since he has dragon dance on him (which boosts Attack and Speed), you should use physical attacks prodominantly. I would suggest Outrage, Stone Edge and Earthquake as the other 3 attacks, since they can hit most pokemon super effective, and are all very strong. Make him hold a Life orb to give his attacks that 30% boost, and he’ll be almost unstoppable.
    Honchkrow is another pokemon with a HUGE Attack stat, and poor Special Attack. I would suggest Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Steel Wing and Drill Peck/Roost. Pursuit if you think you’re opponents gonna switch, Roost if you’re low on HP, and to get rid of electric/ice/rock weakness for a turn. Otherwise just attack with your other moves. I’d suggest Expert Belt, or Choice Band if you get Drill Peck.
    Since I doubt you’re going to rebreed I will say this. Fly is TERRIBLE as a move. It takes 2 turns, in which any intelligent opponent will switch to a rock type. They can resist the fly, and take the hit with their normally good defenses, and then attack back with a STAB Rock attack to easily kill the pokemon. Really, it’s just giving your opponent a free kill.
    Scizor is good. I would suggest…
    Scizor@Salac Berry
    Iron Head
    Endure a hit that would KO you, which will activate the Salac Berry, ensuring you’ll be faster than your opponent. And at low HP (1 after endure), reversal will have 200 Power, which is ridiculous. X-Scissor and Iron Head gain STAB, and are his only real options as other attacks.
    Now here’s what I was talking about before. You can turn that electric weakness into a big positive by putting electivire as your last pokemon. With his ability “Motor Drive”, if you can switch him into an enemies electric attack, then you can get a boost to his speed. And with his Attack stat at what it is, this can make him unstoppable.
    I would suggest:
    Electivire@Expert Belt
    Ice Punch
    Cross Chop
    Earthquake if you decide to not teach dragonite it, flamethrower otherwise, since you’ll already have 2 earthquakers.

  4. Since you’re still training your pokemon it’s fine but when they reached higher levels if your can do the following (you may try):
    Empoleon – change cut into a uhm a… Toxic?, Hydro Pump into ice Beam and Bubble Beam to Rest…
    Charizard – change you’re Flamethrower/Blast Burn (only one) with Solarbeam/Air Slash
    Last pokemon? How about Electavire… it has a good variety of moveset or any Lightning pokemon, you lack that pokemon… or a pokemon with resistance to lightning like ground types or any steel pokemon like metagross
    By the way, do you need some clerics… the overused is blissey but you may want some like miltank or clefable to help…
    My Blissey’s moveset
    (Bold/Serene Grace)
    Thunder (this was Light Screen Before but i find Thunder useful)
    Seismic Toss


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