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Rate my peom.. thanks for your opinion..?

Your Lies, My Truth
All the lies built up inside my mind,
the pictures, the girls the other
life of your kind.
You led me to believe I was paranoid and crazy,
hid me away from the truth
till it all went hazy.
When the smoke cleared I was left confused,
shifting through the dust seeing all the clues.
Didnt want to believe what all i knew,
The truth of my blindness was shinning through.
I know now what all you’ve done,
your deceitful and from yourself you run.
Karma’s a bitch baby this i believe,
Never again will your evil ways deceive.
Annie Marie Meaux
Copyright ©2008 Annie Marie Meaux
any copying or releasing of this material will result in violation of the copyright act.
Yes this poem comes from personal experince. Unfortunatly it takes great pain to produce good work. I actually have this poem and several others published thats why the copyright info was added in there. i own all rights to all my poems, which gives me the freedom to do as I like with them.
thanks yayawho, I have considered looking into that option as well.
I am asking for ratings on a scale of 1 to 10, insults (such as garbage) are really unessacary. Its not meant for everyone to like just try to be consider to the composer and her experinces. Thank you.


  1. wow
    did you bf cheat on you if he did your way better off without the cheating bas****
    the poem is actually pretty good though

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