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Rate My Diamond Party?

Umbreon Lv. 100 (shiny)
Nature: Timid
Item: Sitrus Berry
Attacks: Payback, Dig, Swagger, Psych up.
Weavile Lv. 100 (shiny)
Nature: Careful
Item: Focus Sash
Attacks: Ice Punch, Night Slash, Brick Break, Swords Dance.
Lucario Lv. 100 (shiny)
Nature: Rash
Item: Black Belt
Attacks: Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, Blaze Kick, Protect.
Lugia Lv. 100
Nature: Modest
Item: Power Herb
Attacks: Aeroblast, Sky Attack, Psychic, Surf.
Dialga Lv. 100
Nature: Docile
Item: Adamant Orb
Attacks: Roar of Time, Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon, Earth Power.
Charizard Lv. 100 (shiny)
Nature: Impish
Item: Charcoal
Attacks: Heat Wave, Air Slash, AncientPower, Fly


  1. nice but hacked i assume, with umbreon you might want to change his swagger move, not very helpful in the long run maybe change to toxic? or some other move.
    but good all round team

  2. i helped contribute to this team but its not hacked, he just put a shiny cheat on when catching his pokemon and went to an event for the lugia.
    there is no need to change the umbreons moves because i have watched it in battle and it has knocked out even ubers with swagger, psych up and payback.
    anyway, just wanted to say its great, but i beat you three times and you beat me once lol


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