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Random Headaches?

I used to get really bad headaches but when I got some amethyst they stopped. but now my stones are not working and I have a huge head ache for no reason, I’m not stressed, its summer and i am relaxed. I took aspirin but I want to know where these head aches are coming from. I feel them the most on my eye brows and brow chakra.


  1. It sounds like either tension headaches or sinus problems.
    Try getting some aromatherapy oils for relaxation, and if those don’t help, try inhaling a little bit of peppermint essential oil to clear your sinuses.
    You can get “tension” headaches without having stress. Tension simply means physical tension.
    If that doesn’t work, or if they get worse or happen more often, ask your doctor.
    Most hospitals have an “ask-a-nurse” hotline type thing. Call and ask if you can speak to a nurse about some ways you can get rid of headaches.
    Hope you get to feeling better.

  2. Frontal head pain can be a sign of trigger points in the muscles of you neck.
    Best to have an examination by a doctor before you presume that it is a recurrence of old headaches….. what made them suddenly come back?


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