Home Discussion Forum r u a mystic???do u believe in auras?

r u a mystic???do u believe in auras?


  1. No not a mystic or I wouldn’t presume to call myself one. Auras are real even on non living items, I have see it. It is just and energy field.

  2. I’m a mystic and know of auras. You can see them yourself in about a month if you exercise the rods and cones needed to do so. There’s some simple books out on how to do so.

  3. hmmmm mystic? well i study mystical things. i am a certified tarot master, i love astrology and occult things. if thats what you call mystic i guess i am. i know that auras exsist just as i know there is a field of protective magnetism around earth, its nearly the same thing. i know that when you burn different elements you get different colors (copper burns green) so the magnetic flow around your body has colors depending on the different hormones and chemicals that are flowing through your body and that these can be seen and studied.
    hope this helps

  4. To “believe” in auras indicates that the belief falls under faith. That there is no proof that the aura exists. Given Korillian photography, belief is not necessary – it’s been proven.
    The ability to see an aura doesn’t necessarily fall under the category of mystic. It’s just a matter of heightened awareness. Fact is, if you take a moment and try this, you can “feel” an aura. why? Because all that it is, is the energy your body gives off as a result of living.
    Rub your hands together briskly for a few moments. Take a hand an slowly move it towards a friend’s or loved one’s body. When you get about three inches away from the body, you will feel the energy.

  5. Well I’ve never heard that a mystic is what you would be called if you believed in auras…..yes i do, I believe in high and low vibrations, angel therapy, smudging, and a bunch of other stuff.. My best friend is from Andromeda, which is in the 8th demension. For real…..this is not a joke….I am very open to believing a lot of different things.

  6. yes to a certain extent as I believe in the Ancient Ways of my ancestors. They believed it was possible to talk to everything as everything which was created had a spirit which could be contacted. Repect for everything and not taking more than needed while giving thanks not only to THE CREATOR but to the spirit of whatever it was as well.
    as far as auras yes i believe in these as i have seen them on others.


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