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quick question about telepathy?

is it possible for 2 psychic people to accidentally contact eachother when asleep? a friend of mine was wondering and hes too damn lazy to make his own account X/
look at cindy lu’s answer. it was similar to that “dreamscape” thing.


  1. Hm mm interesting. To contact someone in any manner would take intent, a conscious act to try and gain the attention of another. An accident is an unintended action or event that is not part of the conscious will.
    I think it would be more correct to say that two psychics might discover each other by some unintended means like perhaps meeting in some sort of dreamscape or alternate level of reality or somehow becoming aware of the existance of the other in some way.
    Yes this should be possible

  2. I think its quiet possible in fact i sent a thought out to a friend and later that night he had a dream that fits me better than he knows.


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