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Quick 16 Bars, rate 1-10?

I used the BIBLE by Killah Priest beat. Check it out. Rate and hate but dont discriminate!
the serpents of the sky spit venom in my eye
3rd vision amplify the light retina starts to cry
o why do i have to live with the puppets in the dark side
metallic wings fly signifying the end of time
livin blind to the seven signs of the chakra thats sublime
rhyme ancient texts, from the hidden scrolls of sekhmet
left dead turn head to the right god’s face is in my sight
end of present time approachin but u shouldnt show no fright
unite as one we are spirits of the sun the story has begun
everyone left stunned when we manifest from our own minds
god’s within, ignorance to that knowledge is the real crime
ill be fine when i close my eyes it doesnt take me by surprise
truth be told ive already reached my goal
i let the universe unfold before my divine soul
learned the fact, theres no such thing as gettin old
when ur heart stops, you just move on from this world


  1. well i never heard the song but i say yours might sound nice cause the words are wonderful. since i don’t know the song ill give it a 8 and 1/4

  2. Damn dude your cuts are super dope…Ha ha the scientist becomes the philosepher. Nice spits good in line rhyeming. 9/10

  3. it depends…….. if compared to tupac or a good rapper i would give it a 2/10 compared to lil wayne i would give it a 10/10.

  4. Very spiritual and the bars each unfold a new “spiritual” thought”. I loved it. It was something that had to take some time to come up with because it is so complex and real. LOVED IT!!! 9.5 out of 10!!! Love the beat you picked. You did no wrong on this one!!
    Peace, Love & Happiness


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