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Questions on meditation? I need help plz? ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO DO MEDITATION?

When Doing meditation,
1. How do you notice that you are receiving cosmic energy during meditation?
2. How do i keep my mind focused on one thing?
3. How do you know if you have activated the chakra or not?
4. Is it possible to do meditation for the whole night instead of sleeping? (just wondering)

I do meditation every day for 30 to 35 minutes and i have been doing meditation for 5 weeks. Whenever i do meditation my mind just wonders off and i loose my concentration on breathing and then my breath becomes so low that i can hardly notice it. When i regain my concentration and i start to breath deeply. why does this happen?
How can meditation be dangerous for beginners, who do 30 to 35 minutes per sitting?
How can meditation be dangerous for beginners, who do 30 to 35 minutes per sitting?

Can somebody explain this plz


  • You can go here to grab a free course that will answer all these questions. Especially the issue with developing focus : )


    P.S Cosmic energy is a concept. Everything is energy, in fact that term still restricts the truth of the matter. All this stuff reveals itself as the mind becomes clearer and one observes things directly.

    If you want to see results quicker I advise combining a meditation orientated exercise routine too. Best of luck.

  • You are making it way too complex or maybe my mind is way too simple. When I meditate, I choose a single wholesome and pleasant thought, like my fishing lure bobbing on a lake. I don’t lose concentration, because I don’t want to leave that place once I am totally relaxed and calm. I am usually aware of my surroundings, but when I become unaware, I usually gain a large amount of energy. I’m not sure if it is from the cosmos, but it does feel like a good nights sleep. I have meditated the whole night and received enough REM to feel very rested the next day.

  • Questions 1 to 3, you can find the answers in books written by a chi kung (qigong) grandmaster named Wong Kiew Kit.
    Two of his books that discussed about meditation are “The Art of Chi Kung” and “The Secret of Chi Kung”. You can find them in Amazon.

    You can also go to his website and look at the Q&A section. I forgot the name of the website, but you can do search by typing his name Wong Kiew Kit or typing Wah Nam Kung Fu.

    Grandmaster Wong is a shaolin master and also an expert in meditation.

    Q. 4, my personal answer, No, you cannot do meditation the whole night? Why? Because human nature needs sleep.

    30 minutes meditation is a very long time for beginner and is very dangerous especially if not done correctly.

    It looks like you are doing concentration meditation (anapasati meditation). Maybe awareness meditation (vipasana meditation) is more suitable with you.

  • 1. Whilst in deep meditation, you may start to feel a flow of energy and excitement, adrenalin type thing, pumping through your body, this is cosmic energy.
    2. A good technicque to keep your mind focused on one thing is to count your breaths 1 to 10 then back down to 1, keep doing this and eventually you will lose all thought.
    3. To know when you have activated the chakra you will feel like all the evil has been removed from your life.
    4. This is possible if you are an experienced meditator, story has it that Buddha meditated for 49 days and 49 nights straight to achieve enlightenment.

    When you regain concentration you start to breath deeply because you have been doing no physical activity for a good few minutes so your heart rate has slowed right down and your breaths have become deeper and longer.

    Hope this helped!

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