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Questions for atheists.?

What is your opinion about those who are religious?
Do you think people who are religious are wrong and you are right (or they are right and you are wrong), or just different?
Do you believe that you (or others) have a spirit or soul, or is what we see what we get?
Do you believe there is life after death, or have any other spiritual beliefs (animism, shamanism, etc)?
Thank you for helping me understand you better. And I mean you, personally. You don’t need to speak on behalf of all atheists, just your personal opinions.


  1. They are wrong and I am correct
    No spirit or soul, what we see and experience is all we have
    No personal experience with no brain
    And you still wont understand atheist by trying to group them all together under one single layer. Many atheist believe in stupid rubbish also. In those cases I believe i am correct and they are wrong.
    above all, I am still open for correction if the evidence comes in

  2. Do you think people who are religious are wrong and you are right (or they are right and you are wrong), or just different? On all things, it depends but on religion I don’t know who is right or wrong, but I have the better chance of being right based on the evidence. I am more intellectually honest because when there is no evidence for somethings existence, the most likely answer is the thing doesn’t exist.
    Do you believe that you (or others) have a spirit or soul, or is what we see what we get? Spirit or soul are all just chemical reactions
    Do you believe there is life after death, or have any other spiritual beliefs (animism, shamanism, etc)? nope but I believe in Life after Love
    Thank you for helping me understand you better. And I mean you, personally. You don’t need to speak on behalf of all atheists, just your personal opinions.

  3. I do not believe in “god”, but I will defend to the death your right to believe as you choose. Having said that, if a believer wishes to discuss faith with me I am willing, but I will ask for proof of their “god” if they ask why I don’t believe.

  4. No clue. I’m happy to be in the here and now. I trust the Universe to take care of itself and I help when I can. Don’t fear death in the least, it didn’t bother me to not exist before I was born.

  5. 1. I’m certain they are wrong, because all religions are so obviously fabricated and anthropomorphic. I may be wrong and there is a god, but if so, theists would be the last to recognize it as such.
    2. No soul.
    3. No life after death.

  6. I see religion and it’s leaders as the blind leading the blind.
    I would not say they are wrong, just gullible
    I don’t believe we have a spirit or soul
    I don’t believe in an afterlife

  7. I think it religious people have a mindset that ignores reality. When it disagrees with their opinion’s.
    There is no soul or spirit, independent of the material body.
    there is no life after death. This world is all you get. people repeating something that has no basis in reality for 4000 years does not mean it is true.

  8. 1. My opinion of those who are religious depends on how they behave. If they are respectful of other opinions, fine. If they feel the need to convince me of their religion or condemn me for my beliefs, then we have a problem.
    2. It’s not a matter of “right” and “wrong”? I simply don’t believe in what cannot be shown to exist.
    3. WYSIWYG
    4. No life after death. We do not survive the death of our physical bodies.

  9. 1. It’s a choice I respect. I may not like it, but it’s not my life or my choice.
    2. Neither. I do not believe in wrong or right. I believe we all make mistakes and learn from them. I find putting the label of right or wrong causes prejudice and stigmatizes someone that has made an error in judgment.
    3. Spirit, yes. It is the embodiment of who I am.
    Soul? No.
    4. No. My religion/life philosophy teaches me I will be reborn if I do not succeed in this life. I’m a Buddhist.
    No problem. The only stupid questions, are the ones never asked.
    “How can you know where I’m at, if you don’t know where I come from”?

  10. I don’t think that they are wrong and I am right, I think that we are different. In my experience the religious people I know and associate with haven’t judged me, or made me feel that they thought less of me for being an atheist. Obviously people like that exist but I haven’t personally experienced it.
    As far as my beliefs, it’s more of a feeling. I think that energy and mass-wise, we are connected to the earth and universe, i just think it’s cool, we used to be a part of stars! (theoretically, anyway) I think the nature of the universe and nature is beautiful enough, and putting a god in as responsible takes away from it.
    I guess I don’t really believe in a soul, but parts of me will become parts of something else, and I think that is neat. No life after death, no reincarnation, or any of that jazz. My matter will be a part of some other thing, and that’s enough for me.
    I told my husband that once and he laughed and said “You believe in the Force!” haha 😉

  11. 1) Yes. What is “right” and “wrong” is determined by evidence. There is no evidence for the supernatural.
    2) Define “spirit”. We possess sentience, which may be a manifestation of something occurring on a transcendental level of reality. But there is nothing supernatural about it.
    3) No, death is the cessation of existence. We possessed no awareness prior to birth; we will possess no awareness after death.

  12. Generally I think they are deceiving themselves or being gullible.
    I don’t think we can say for 100% certain what exactly it all means etc… However at the same time, I want them to use the same rigors we use for the sciences in their day to day lives for deciding what is junk information and what is valid information.
    I have no reason to believe that we have a spirit or soul… I will not rule it out with certainty, but I do not see any reason to believe there is such a thing.
    Again, same answer as above. Won’t rule it out 100%, however, highly suspicious considering the deafening lack of evidence to support the idea.

  13. I really do not care what others believe or do not, as long as those beliefs are not legislated, as many fundamentalists (of many religions) are bent to do.
    I do not believe in a soul or spirit in the biblical sense.
    I believe death is the final chapter of life.
    I jealously guard (and fought for) the rights for all to believe as they wish. I do not support a belief system being forced on someone who does not believe the same We are a nation of law. Period. Not religion..

  14. The mono god religions are idiotic and the followers have to remain illiterate idiots to believe it.
    All matter has its own spirit, a place has its own special spirit. Spirit just means its nature.
    I believe in the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The immaculate conception of giving birth to oneself in an endless cycle of renewal. We are all aspects of the Universe observing itself.
    Practicing Shaman…. quantum physics rocks

  15. Religion is folly, I mean seriously, an invisible man living in the sky?
    I don’t believe there are souls.
    There is no life after death, we just cease to exist.

  16. In my opinion the religious are so wrapped up in pushing their beliefs onto others that they don’t consider others’ feelings and rights. I don’t believe there is anything supernatural like gods, spirits, souls, angels, etc. After death the body decomposes. That’s it. I see no proof of anything after death. After death the brain stops functioning, and that person’s “self” ceases to exist.

  17. A) I think religious people are deeply mistaken for believing in something for which there is no evidence and for which there are so many conflicting beliefs but most of them don’t bother me so that’s their decision.
    B) I think a lot of people really haven’t thought through the concept of “soul”. We know beyond doubt that our memories, personalities, beliefs, opinions, habits and so on are stored in and a function of the physical brain so these things must be lost when we die. So if I do have a “soul” it doesn’t in any way define me. “I” will definitely end when my body dies even if some electrical charge or whatever goes on. I think the best thing I can say about continued existence is the memories we leave with other people, the things we have done in the world and the fact that our physical components will be recycled and incorporated into new life.
    C) See B

  18. Religious people make decisions about their conduct on the basis of beliefs that can’t be substantiated. In many cases, these myth-like beliefs guide them to the same altruistic behavior as a thoughtful atheist might adopt. But in some cases, the myths become more important than reality, leading them spiraling down a path toward schizophrenia and misanthropy. Both are deluded to some degree, but the effects can be either benign or malign. Atheists don’t have a lock on the “truth”, just a commitment to using observable reality as the guide to their personal ethical paths.
    What people call “the soul” is simply a combination of our consciousness and (imperfectly) stored memories. When the brain stops working, the “soul” ends.
    Without a physical medium to support it, it’s hard to imagine any individual “entity” surviving death. The “afterlife” is essentially the consequent effect of one’s life on the path of the human species.

  19. Yes, I think people who believe in religion are wrong, but I don’t make a point of telling them unless they ask (such as on R&S).
    No, there is no soul.
    No, there is no afterlife.
    I do not ‘believe’ in some spiritual aspects of Shamanism but I have no doubts about its power to induce altered states of consciousness through the use of ritual and drugs.

  20. 1. i believe that people who are religious are delusional. i know that sounds harsh but persistent belief without evidence or in the face of contradictory evidence is by definition a delusion
    2. i believe that they are wrong. a person either has good reasons to believe what they believe or they don’t. no religious person has ever given me a good reason to believe that they might be right. it’s always something highly subjective like “i felt the holy spirit speak to me” inside their own head, that should tell you a lot
    3. i do not belief in any form of soul or spirit, or any part of us that survives physical death. there is absolutely no evidence for it. whether it is a nice idea or not is a matter of taste but who cares? nice ideas aren’t true just because they are nice ideas. if they are true there should be evidence.
    4. no. i don’t believe in an afterlife. the part of you that is your mind, your consciousness, is something your brain does. you put enough brain cells together and basically you get a “soul” for want of a better word. when your body dies your brain dies and that’s it.
    my beliefs, or lack there of, are not a matter of personal taste, or what makes me feel good. i care whether or not my beliefs are true and there is no evidence to suggest there is any truth to any god or afterlife


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