Questions and advice on Astral Projection?

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So, I am a bit of a meditation person. I meditate every night, and I always see colors and my third-eye tingles, sometimes to the point where I get a headache. And while meditating for a long time, I get sleep paralysis, where I am totally relaxed and can’t feel my body. Recently, I’ve been researching on astral projection and out of body experiences, etc, and I tried it for the first time. After numerous attempts within the same night, I finally achieved. Now I don’t want anyone yelling at me, telling me I’m crazy, but it happened. While about 40 minutes into the theta- brain wave soundtrack I was listening to, I got this tingling sensation (intense) within my whole body, and then i felt like i was in a totally different place. Like a dream or something. But I just saw PURE white light. Like the white I’ve never seen before in my life, and I felt like I was the white, and surrounded by white. It was really spectacular, and indeed, amazing. Anyway, so I got really startled and scared and thought I was going to die, since people say that they see a white light at death. And I opened my eyes, but I still felt like I was somewhere else, and I was taking a moment to readjust when I was there again! Without even closing my eyes, the white just surrounded me, and after blinking a few times, it disappeared.
What just happened? Someone please tell me?
You see colors and your third eye tingles?
Theta brain waves?
Pure white light?
These are called self induced hallucinations.
You are meditating too much:
How much is too much, friend?
I don’t think so? Meditation is a positive thing, and if you don’t want to believe this incredible thing that I experienced, then don’t.
Also, I can see auric colors. And it is NOT my imagination, it has been confirmed, like example: My health teacher has a REALLY strong energy, and when she’s infront of the whiteboard, i’ll see this huge auric energy field of a beautiful bluish turquoise. I’ve asked her about it, and she started testing me, and she was really surprised cause she said that she got it checked at this store where it shows on a screen your aura color. I don’t believe this is self-induced.

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frogma, fundie hooker - knitting = abomination!

You had a lucid dream. I have them all the time, especially when I’m over-tired. I hate them, because I slip into hypnagogic hallucinations, which I hate.


What is third-eye? Are you talking about that spot in the middle of the forehead?

Jewlius Jewd

You see colors and your third eye tingles?
Theta brain waves?
Pure white light?
These are called self induced hallucinations.
You are meditating too much,


I have had these experiences, when I use to do the exercises with the CD’s. Once even projecting. I got so freaked I jumped and slammed back into my body. I didn’t see any white light, I saw myself rising above my body. You don’t see white lights usually, just normal things you would expect to see on the earth. That sounds like a hallucination…


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