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Questions about the Third Eye?

1) i have (or had rather) the ability to see ghosts/spirits… but recently, about a year and a half ago, i noticed that my ability has been diminishing, until i dont see them anymore… the thing is, i know that i still have the ability because where i am in Singapore, the chinese believe that the 7th lunar month is the hungry ghost festival, and the spirits from the nether worlds would come out for 30 days… this is also the most “yin” (of yin and yang) of the whole year… which can be translated to a weaker aura so if you see spirits, this would be the time that you’d see the streets bustling with them…
so my question here is, how come i am not able to see them now? or rather how come my ability is weaker now? and wil it come back, is it normal? does it have anything to do with my grandma passing on a year and a half back? or maybe another emotional setback that i got from the same time that has not healed?
2) how do we see angels, saints and deities? (whichever you believe in…) i know and i am told that when you call for them they’d be there or they’d listen to you, but how do i like see them as i used to see spirits roaming the streets?
3) same question with number 2, but now with aura… how do i see aura? i could see a little bit, but how do i improve it? and is it like “switch-able”? as in like when i want to see it is see and when i dont, i dont?
4) i practice reiki, and sometimes i do cleansing of my third eye chakra… or at least i think it is cleansing… i would imagine the white light entering my head and then focus onto my third eye then exit, but the thing is what does this do? is it really cleansing? does it affect my ability to see spirits?
lastly, sorry if this is in the wrong category, i dont know which to put, religion and spirituality or mythology and folklore…
usually the spirits i see are divided into 2… the more common ones along the streets are the so called shadow-figures, dark silhouettes without a clear definition of where their form ends (like sort of blurred with the surroundings). sometimes they can be seen through, sometimes not, they have not facial features and they sometimes disappear from my vision when when i take their presence into focus.
the more important thing is i know when i see one of these, and when it is just my illusion… when i do see them, it is couple with a very familiar feeling of not so much dread, but more of like a feeling of acknowledgement that i know they are there… when i see a part of my imagination there is just this empty feeling
i do not doubt my ability to see them… my mother and grandfather and great-grandfather could see them. i’ve been told by a psychic that i can see em, n i had the rare opportunity to see a spirit that my friend also saw, at the same time (she also had the ability too)
the second type of spirits that i see are more rare to my vision. they are the type which take on the form of a normal human being. one such example is the story i told here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Atjffvutwn.KHsD8YpIFuELty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081001125241AA058px&show=7#profile-info-5rzN6HPSaa (answerer 1) and another was when my grandmother just passed on, while we were in hospital in outside the holding room where her body was, i saw her spirit pass trough from the holding room towards us. she was then basking in blue light. another time was when i saw a spirit help me open a sliding door from the other side (it was a glass see-thru door) there are many evidences which i can draw out to show that i wasnt my reflection, with the hand we each used as one. (i used my right hand, so did he. if it was a reflection he would have to be using his “left” hand.) this spirit was a known spirit. i hope this answers your questions, now i hope you can answer mine… thanks!
one more incident i saw something…
i come frm a Catholic sch and it is known that such religious schs have more spiritual energy that atracts the spirits… so very often i see them… but on such incident struck me…
i was on duty as a backstage crew in our sch theatre/auditorium, and at that point of time a bunch of us were keeping the wires, we were all on stage… except for me, i was half covered by the stage curtains. so as we were doing our job, the theatre technician in the control room suddenly shouted at us very fiercely “PEOPLE BACKSTAGE DO NOT PLAY WITH THE LIGHTS!” n we all ignored him cos we knew ourselves we were not playing we were working. then he shouted again n e stage lights were flashing.. so being the nearest to the backstage i poped my head in and saw no body.. my friends did the same and we shouted back to him. but as i stepped back into backstage i saw a boy in sch uniform standing a few meters from the light controls.. and i saw him a few other times too


  1. 1) Are you sure you were seeing real ghosts before? Sometimes we see what we want to see.
    2) Presumably the same way you see spirits–the difference being that these types of creatures have to want to be seen for you to see them.

  2. The third eye was a stage when the human mind became fully enlightened and aware. The ancients would accomplish this by taking gold melting it to the degrees of the sun, From this it would make white powdered gold. They would put this stuff in their good and they would believe they became enlightened. The Manna of the Hebrews was white powdered gold. This is how Moses was able to rise his consciousness to be able to visits Yahweh at Mt Sinai. If you are seeing ghost then you are simply seeing somthing or looking into the other realm.

  3. When we think of the “third eye” several things come to mind. Some may associate it with animals such as iguanas or the ancient tuataras of New Zealand which still have a functional third eye, also called the pineal gland. Scientific evidence today supports the possibility that this organ was nature’s first eye, particularly in the vertebrates and man. There are many mysteries here because the exact function of the pineal gland is still unknown to science. Microscopic examination has revealed that it is formed of cells that have the distinct features of the rod-shaped light-sensitive cells found in the retina, indicating its possible original function as an organ of sight. The pineal gland appears to receive signals from regions of the brain directly affected by the impulses traveling down the optic nerves, and it secretes the hormone melatonin, present also in the retina of the two eyes. This hormone appears to be involved in circadian rhythms or the sleep/wake cycle, a process scientists do not yet fully understand. Theosophical literature, however, maintains that in addition to its physiological functions, this pea-sized gland at the base of the skull is an important psychophysiological center or chakra involved with such activities as clairvoyance and intuition.The world’s myths and traditions offer a fertile source of information about human evolution and the third eye. Many of us have heard about the one-eyed giant Cyclops of Greek myth which Ulysses fights, or the mystical Eye of Siva, representing intuition or direct cosmic vision. These mythical traditions also feature early races of giants and titans said to have lived long ages ago. The timeless wisdom of this ancient lore provides vital knowledge about how mankind came into existence on earth, and blending the interpretations of science with ancient sources in light of theosophy can give us a new perspective on humanity’s past and the third eye. :)las08

  4. yes well you may not like this answer but here it is:ghosts don’t exist.they are only illusions made my Satan.just tell the “ghosts” i believe in God and have a Bible.they’ll go away.trust me

  5. it could be a multitude of reasons. it could be your power is changing. you may start having visions instead of seeing spirits. maybe your power is protecting you from itself. with the death of your grandma you may not be ready to see her spirit. or maybe you did something that effected your karma in such a way that you can’t focus properly. if this is the case you need to atone for what you did.

  6. Before you go further. Can you describe the ghosts you saw. Their hair, clothes they wear, what color, what were they doing, did they spoke to you, did you answer back, how long was the encounter, what time, what place. Being detailed will allow others to help you in your quest.

  7. If you are young, the “real” world may be contaminating your internal focus. It sounds as if you are stressed and when one is stressed not all faculties work like they normally would. It seems to me you need to relax and let your mind do what it needs to do to help you maintain your abilities. Practice Belly Breathing. Inhale from the belly and fill the entire lungs, slowly to the count of 8, hold for a count of 4, then exhale slowly to the count of 8. Do this slowly, so as not to hyperventilate and do it several times (at least 10 times). This helps you to oxygenate your brain and helps blood flow to and from the pineal gland. Look with soft eyes (minimal focus, not in focus, but not totally out of focus either).
    Angels, Saints and Deities come to us when we are (generally) in need. These are higher entities/spirits and one needs to be on a higher level spiritually to “see” them. Much meditation is required. Most can feel their presence, however. You just can’t call on them willy-nilly. They must be respected and honored. They often show up without being called in times of dire need. During 9/11 many saw them in the clouds of dust as the buildings collapsed.
    Soft eyes will help you see auras better. Once you start seeing them it can be hard to “switch off” but can be done. Here is a site that gives you the basics so as not to waste space here: http://hubpages.com/hub/How_to_See_Auras
    As to the Reiki, I, too, am a Reiki practitioner and I find that swirling a little Violet light helps in that particular meditation. How does the white light exit? To cleanse my third-eye I cleanse my entire chakra system. White light from the universe enters the crown and leaves via my fingers and toes, flushing all negativity from my system.
    You have a gift and talent. With meditation and a lot of inner work you can be absolutely marvelous! Good luck and Blessings!


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