Questions about telepathy?





1. Do you hear a voice in your head, or is it more of a feeling?
2. Do you ever confuse someone elses thoughts with your own.
3. Is it possible to telepathically have a conversation with some one far away?
4. What are some good techniques to get good at this.


  1. You have wondered into the paranormal deniers section where you can expect people to mock, insult, dismiss, and censor any information that contradicts their faith based beliefs they try to pass off as science.
    Also, there is no one in this section that is willing to end this behavior by continuing to report these multiple daily violations of YA rules.
    You might try for actual information.

  2. 1. Do you hear a voice in your head, or is it more of a feeling?
    Err, hearing voices in your head is abnormal and should be referred to medical practitioner.
    “Harry, hearing voices in your head is not normal. Even in a wizards world”

  3. 1–for me it’s a voice in my head, not a different voice, sounds just like my own, except that it’s louder and the way the other person speaks sometimes stands out. For example, the angels speak more formally than I do. But the thought usually comes with a “foreign” feeling. IOW, I’m usually aware that it’s not mine.
    2–I used to in the beginning, when I was first getting used to it. It’s very easy to do. The trick is in learning to listen.
    3–I don’t know about a complete conversation, but I have picked up someone else’s thoughts who lives in australia (I’m in the states). All it takes is a heart to heart connection with someone.
    4–practice. I’d recomend practicing with a friend, with anybody you can. The more you learn to listen, the easier it becomes.

  4. 1- I can hear any voice or feel any feeling that i wanted or made or i allowed or anything.
    2- No, because when you know what you are thinking you will not confuse it with other.
    3- Telepathic are border less.
    4- They are many techniques that you can use to get control of you ability but the technique for different person is different so i think you should do some research on it.
    Lastly be yourself… ^^

  5. 1. You feel the voice in your head.
    2. No, When someones thoughts pop in my head, even if they are far off down the road with other people, I know who it is, it happens when that person is thinking about you the same time you are of them. Unless you are the center of attention and many of the peoples thoughts flood your head at the same time- like when your giving a speech.
    3. I pick up others thoughts, but it seems they don’t mine. I have spoke to a spirit telepathically, and God, and when it was God, I felt his spirit there, and same with the other spirit. But it’s possible, they would or will end up thinking of you when you think of them, because they will feel that thought in their head and they would have the feeling who it is, this is what happens to me, and you may have ringing in your ear, another stage of it.
    4. You can practice with a friend as you stair at one another and just start thinking of some thing, and ask your friend after a five minutes what is it I am thinking of, and see how close they are, but you have to concentrate on one another being there, and the thought should pop in each others head. Basically you don’t have to see someones aura or countenance to read it. The aura or countenance display the feelings, emotions of the soul. For me it happens unwillingly on it’s own when it happens, I usually don’t even try to guess, their thoughts come to me. People and spirits when I see them, I thought at first it was something to do with expressions, but many of the spirits don’t have detail features.

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