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Questions about seeing auras?

I just recently started practicing seeing auras (I used to see them when I was young without thinking about it, now I’m 22). Sometimes I get winded from trying to see my aura and my stomach gets a bit of discomfort, but it fades away when I stop trying to see it. Is this normal?
By the way, my aura is the color green under direct light and blue in the shadow, does it mean that i am predominately green or blue? or am I turquoise?
Lastly, I saw my friend’s aura and she had a huge yellow bubble around her head, what does this mean? Is that the same as a “halo” ?


  1. An aura is just electric fields around a person stimulated by a salty dry environment
    All aura readings are different
    If you want to pick out a fraud, get an aura done and then go to someone else and get it done there. They will both be different

  2. it is easier for children to see auras becuase they are more intune with things like that
    so it is normal for it to be a little hard on your body
    and the yellow bubble means she is a good person and a healer

  3. If you are seeing yellow or a mustard colour this is illness within the body seeing it on the part of the body will tell you where it is, most people have a green aura with some containing purple which is very good purple is for the spirit. email me if you want more information


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