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questions about psychokinesis and telepathy?

Are psychokinesis and telepathy considered related abilities (example if a person were supposedly apt with psychokinesis, they’d be more cabable with learning telepathy than someone untrained in psychokinesis)?
is there any easy, uncomplicated source that can explain how one is supposed to be able to develop psychokinetic abilities or telepathic abilities?
(I don’t -really- believe in any of it, but I’m just curious)


  1. OF COURSE YOU BELIEVE, you want to learn how to develop it .. That’s why you’re asking this question ..
    Even if it as true, a person is born with it — it’s not a developed nature.

  2. those who can or claim they can do it are automatically placed in the ‘freak category’ and all less ordinary abilities come as a pack in their case. once with the label.
    some say they are natural, tho’, and it depends on how much you focus on one or another such ‘ability’.
    strictly related, no.
    they are different as they have different applications.

  3. Yes, very much so. If you have the ability to do one, then you would have the secret inside knowledge that would allow you to do the other.
    Here is the secret, as I know how to do both. Its an illusion. You do not do either with the mind, its merely a trick. I will not reveal the tricks, but I am sure you can look up such magic tricks online.
    Also, learning cold-reading will open up the abilities to contact the dead, tarots, and other fortune telling abilities.
    The best of the best who do these tricks are all illusionists. Many of the others are just delusional.

  4. There has been some effort to study if they are connected (link below). However, most research has been done while focusing on one or the other.
    No, there is not an easy uncomplicated source to even understand the testing of these abilities (which is why skeptics don’t believe they exist).
    First, there is no good test possible for telepathy. This is because if I think of a red pickup and you say: “You’re thinking of a red pickup I can say nope I was thinking of Toyota Prius (blue). There is no verification possible.
    If I write down what I am thinking of then I have opened up the possibility of you getting the information via Clairvoyance (another form of ESP) and not telepathy (mind to mind). Thus most test are called GESP (General ESP).
    However. ESP has demonstrated at statistically significant levels since about the 1930’s and recently the AutoGanzfeld Experiments have proved so positive that skeptics are reduced to arguing that ESP isn’t shown by them because of no good theory of ESP but admit that results are not due to poor controls or bad statistics.
    The easiest way to explain how to increase your ESP performance is to limit (but not eliminate) your physical input. Don’t wear ear plugs but do listen to white noise. Don’t wear a light blocking mask but do let in a uniform field of light. That way you have no patterns to distract you from other sources of information.
    Psychokinesis: This lacks behind ESP research in that no one has started to look for gifted subjects to test or started to study how it might work.
    However, again positive results have been collected since the 1930’s and thousands of people in thousands of trials (many repeated) have shown positive results.
    This work has its critics almost none of whom can get published in scientific peer reviewed journals where the actual research is published.
    Several links are included below for your use.

  5. Yes, I’ve seen these done by the same person called: Kess on Star Trek Voyager. One time she had the munchies so bad that she was eating bugs. I suppose if you really had one of these two abilities, the other would follow.

  6. There is no evidence that psychokinesis exists. In fact it breaks all the rule of physics and is therefor impossible.
    On the other hand telepathy has been demonstrated and there are scientific theories on how it works.
    They are not related.

  7. telepathy has has studies done on it and it has been for the most part been proven real.
    Psychokinesis on the other hand is not related and people who claim they can do it maybe can you can’t tell them they can if they told you they moved a pencil with their mind there would be no way you could disprove that.
    Psychokinesis i think can be real and i don’t see why not. When you think your mind sends out magnetic waves and psychokinesis is learning how to control those waves to move objects. If a cow can tell when its going to rain, and dogs can tell when a storm may come, then why can’t humans have some amazing power like psychokinesis, Also humans only use 10% of their brain so if we learn to use all 100% and completely control it then can’t we simply move a pencil or the tip of a fir eon a candle.
    Therefore psychokinesis could exist and no one can completely say it doesn’t exist.


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