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Questions about Kundalini?

Some people Avoid Awakening of The Mother Force, the Serpent Force, even though they are ready to receive “Technically”, as there will is very much required for Awakening. These guys, though they are “Technically” Ready to Awake, they resist and prepare themselves on various injunctions, and then practice many forms , breaks Eighth Subtle Bonds, Control Desires and than finally being above the three fold Inflicting nature awaken the Goddess.
They just wait until they are “Technically” Ready and just force concentration on various energy centers, and the central pathway and Awaken.
NOW my question is which method is good, and which is not recommended and why ?
Lord Bless All,
— Deito
Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.
Very Correct, Specially if we have no Personal Guru, than we have to come to a state where naturally we are prepared, and for this we should follow all those injunctions.
seeing only technicality and preparing only for that, will be like saying even a brain dead is a alive person.
In coyotes case i feel he had a genuine master. you are lucky bro.
— Deito
Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.
Thanks theladywhoshineswhitelight, This is why Injunctions are important, they if followed correctly completely abolish the bad experiences and the experience lasts for ever.
You have put it very accurately. this is true.
Btu i also know that there are very special guru’s who take there disciples to the level where they don’t get harm. But such gurus are very rare and only destined ones find them.
But if spiritually practiced and all injunctions of Patanjali are taken care, than Kundalini leads to realization go our original blissful state.
— Deito
Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.
Yes my dear Jayasri, Bakthi Yoga is the only thing to be practiced in this age, and everything is a subset of That, including the kundalini. so everything will automatically come with Bakthi. and Bakthi to Hari is supreme kind of Bakthi. So there is no doubt about this.
I am live example, i only know Hari Bakthi and other faculties are automatically getting activated, and now a days i even have connections to divine souls in my meditation, and sometimes, i feel time and so on ..
the name of Lord has it all.
But my sole intention was to remove wrong misunderstanding from people about Kundalini system of Yoga.
Thanks for answering my dear sister.
— Deito
Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.
Ranger my brother, that is wrong, please don’t think on those lines again, and this is request of your brother. be safe. Lord Bless.

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  1. Wow, that is quite an imagination you have there. Next time you talk to the Goddess, ask what she thinks of Jesus of Nazareth. She’ll probably wigg out on you.

  2. Excellent question. For myself I came to realize Kundalini awakening through the help of a female using the sexual drive as fuel to jolt Kundalini awake in myself and to be honest I had no idea what I was in for but am very happy and blessed to know this Kundalini with my conscious to some extent. The method that I was ready for although at the time unknown to me was Tantra.
    I think if one waits until they think they are ready they will be waiting a very long time as Kundalini transcends the so called normal thinking patterns. : )

  3. Personally, I think if one has to inflict so much control over their natural process of awakening, they are still not ready. The best way is to simply allow the process to occur naturally by preparing the mind/body/spirit through mindful, balanced living.
    This is analogous to how we have created so much pain and suffering around the natural process of childbirth. It should not be so painful, and should happen naturally and easily. Instead we try to artificially induce, control, medicate, sterilize, and put the mother in an unnatural position to deliver the baby. The whole ugly and frightening hospital situation causes fear and apprehension, and the mother’s body tightens up, making it much more difficult than it should be.
    Not sure if I answered your question properly, but this is the answer that came to me.

  4. Kundalini arousal often occurs spontaneously and manifests as provocative and emotionally challenged episodes in one’s life. People often go through years of turmoil when this occurs even if they do have a guru and a spiritual practice. It is part of the deconstruction of the complexes within consciousness. There are very many meditation and ritual, and physical conditioning methods to assist in the catharsis of the so-called chakras so that a kundalini rising experience can occur in a benefiscent way. It is best to be involved in meditative spiritual practices that purge subconscious complexes (under supervision if possible) while also practicing exercises that strengthen the neurological system. Dabbling in meditative practices or having latent psychological/emotional problems while dabbling with meditative practices can lead to negative kundalini phenomenon and neurological disability that is hard to correct.
    For most persons who have a kundalini rising experience, the effects of the experience last a few days or weeks and then those persons go back to ordinary life although they may again have kundalini phenomenon and may also change over time. The kundalini experience is not an “event” although people talk about it and treat it as such, it is a process.

  5. Actually the mystic yoga systems are not recommended in this age of Kali. Because people are short lived and not able to focus the mind. These yoga practices are considered mechanical and not the ultimate goal. Even Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita 5,000 years ago said for him it was too difficult. Instead he preferred to worship Krishna (God) with love and devotion. And that age was much more advanced and Arjuna was a self realized soul. So what to speak of us in this age. The recommended process which will bring one to the highest realization is Bhakti Yoga and is recommended to Chant The holy names of God (also known as Krishna,Allah, Jehovah, Vishnu, Rama, Hari, Etc. see my profile for website to all details on the chanting of the holy names. Kundalini yoga is not recommended. it is a mystic yoga and is automatically achieved in Bhakti. So Prabhuapda says don’t wast time delve deep in Bhakti. It works for any sincere practitioner. For info Read Bhagavad Gita as it is By Bhaktivedanta Prabhpuada

  6. Ah, even in this Kali Yuga, there are those who insist upon the diamond path…….
    and it is reasonable, given that the magnification available at this time can be harnessed and transmuted, just as the ego must be…..
    I suspect ready~ness is to be found within the heart, and that as the heart opens and the mind refines, self forgiveness is pervasive.
    meditation, cultivating of the transcendent states of awareness, cultivating of ones own innate goodness, practice of any or all of the various yogas, all of these will draw to oneself opportunities for expansion…….to wait until one is “ready” is a thing of the ego, and begs the question, when exactly is one then “good enough”…?
    it is to be in a state of open~ness, available, prepared, poised……ready for flight, with no expectations…..
    the Goddess comes upon us through divine love,
    not technicalities and the intellect…….

  7. This is HDG Sirla Prabhupada says and I think it is very much relevant here.
    Kaviraja Gosvami, he says, bhukti-mukti-siddhi-kami sakali asanta: “Those who are after something — either enjoyment of this material world or enjoyment of spiritually becoming one or to have some siddhis — they want something, so they cannot be happy.” Because there is demand, “I want this.” Maybe I want better thing than you, but I want. I am in need. So therefore those who are in need, they cannot be happy. Bhukti-mukti-siddhi-kami sakali asanta, krsna-bhakta niskama [Cc. Madhya 19.149]. Krsna-bhakta doesn’t want anything. Ataeva santa. So he is… He is satisfied
    — Hari Bol

  8. Dieto I have got an Idea.
    Maybe the Sushumna Nadi is the throat or tube in the wormhole, and Sahasrara Chakra and Kundalini(or Muladhara Chakra) are the two mouths or Black holes in the wormhole. I said this because I have read that Microcosm represents Macrocosm.
    When the Kundalini is travels in this throat and reaches Sahasrara we reach another universe or another level of spirituality.
    Brother, I do not believe in that now. That was just an Idea. I know that Spirituality is practice more and analyzing less…
    Now I believe rousing Kundalini is very important. We need to practice it. Because when Kundalini is awakened a man becomes divine being -A Deva. When it reaches Sahasrara a man attains freedom forever.

  9. Deito, since you feel your agna is activated & thuriya is also in function then you can aswell progress with thuriya teeth meditation. I already told you about the Simplified Kundalini Yoga & even you can join a Isha yoga class & go for advance d courses where you will experience a lot more & will be cleared about your progression.
    Wherever you go they will only ask you to do the first step & then proceed. If you are willing you can join any one of these yoga.

  10. I the case of devotion, and service one is in preparation to receive Grace. Much must be done. It can take many lifetimes, because all karma must be fulfilled. What we call good, and bad travels throughout eternity. All action is the Wheel of karma, or of return. This is prakrti, or nature’s way, which consists of the qualities, or aspects known as gunas, are slow and purposeful. This method is the making for a good life in the service of Source reflection. The light is given throughout eternity. When thy will be done, so be it. This is the path of action!
    The path of surrender is quite different, but to become worthy much preparation is also required. Basically it is the balancing of the qualities of the head, and the heart. Rather than use the word force of concentration, I prefer to use the word focuses on the wheels in the etheric body magnetizing them too draw up kundalini through the chakra system. With the aid of breath control, each is energized to a higher level of consciousness which is uncovered in all of the seven major chakras, where each is clothed in its own manifestation. From the fine etheric body one begins to build the antakarana, the bridge to the divine, where Source is lived in all its glory. This is enlightenment. Separateness, in the false idea of ego, is no longer held in bondage. As this entelechy takes place the entity steps out side of the influence of karma. As the subject disappears so also does the object. Transcending the gunas, is the path of love, and surrender.
    On the bottom line all methods end in surrender to Source. As too which is good makes no difference. With the path of surrender a trained Guru is absolutely necessary. On the path of action you on your own.


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