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Questions about Kundalini and Hatha Yoga ?

Recently I became spiritually conscious while on LSD. I now practice meditation and Hatha Yoga daily. A few days ago I read in a book about Chakras that many people have had particularly devastating experiences in their spiritual practice involving Kundalini. I didn’t have any idea what Kundalini was before I read this book, and now after reading these horror stories I’m wondering if I will be in any danger of a similar fate. I am 19 years old, and since I’m just starting on this path I assume I am far from having any issues but I’d like some advice or reassurance. I’d like to know that I can meditate and do yoga without fear of psychosis or manic depression… Thank you, I greatly appreciate it.


  1. I think people who get depressed from meditation are having a problem handling reality. Be accepting and you should be fine. Don’t hold on to what you want things to be.

  2. Kundalini is not dangerous. It is what your physical body is, what all the material universe is and it can rise no higher into your consciousness than what you are ready for.

  3. The first rule in Kundalini yoga is never practice it without an experienced Guru or Master. I cannot warn you strong enough that without one it is very dangerous. I have for years help many recover from near insanity and I know what I am talking about. Why do you think it has been held secretive for ages? In today’s world there are plenty of half backed gurus out there and some even get published. This is not to say not to read, read, and read. A good book to understand what Kundalini is out of print but can be found used. Nuclear Evolution by Christopher Hill. He is an internationally renowned Master of consciousness and a true Yogi. His unique synthesis of scientific evidence and spiritual guidance is priceless. It is important to know what kundalini and the charka system is completely. You can e-mail me for further help if you are sincere. asharishiyogi@yahoo.com.

  4. I looked into kundalini yoga and realized my first insight. Its way over my head at this time. This kind of yoga requires more dedication and discipline then I am ready for at this time. My spiritual guide said I am not ready yet. He also said it is very dangerous and only for the integrated personality. I trust him totally and know he will guide me when I am ready, if I so choose.


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