Questions about aura reading?

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How do you tell the difference between the aura that represents their main personality and the aura color that just represents how they feel?
Also, mine seemed to be a vibrant green at first but then it changed to blue and some of that green color closer to the skin. Why did it change within a matter of a week or two? What does that mean?

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Good question…
Well, even day to day people’s feelings or motivations change so it wouldn’t be uncommon


Hm, maybe this would help if when you look at a person’s aura you say to yourself “I first want to see the colors in their aura which describes their personality first”, this way by putting this intent in you can be assured that the colors you see will be in relation to their personality.
Then you can close your eyes, clear your head then ask yourself “I now want to see the colors in their aura which describes their current mood/how they are feeling.”
There is no wrong color, what you see is correct so trust in your abilities 🙂
Your aura has different layers and each layer does portray a different color. Also, auras will not be a permanent color scheme forever, they actually change quiet often. Your auric field changes with your changing moods, thoughts, and how you interact with people.
Hope this helps! <3


Hello Liz
Your aura will change with every thought, emotion & action, so changes more than fortnightly.
After time you can see main vibrational colours, but seeing them is only relevant if it pertains to some ones current journey.


Your aura will change every time you feel differently, do something. If your aura never changes, then it is uncommon.
Yours might be blue and mine might be a misty lavender, but throughout the day it changes because of the other people and their energy vibes you take in.


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