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Questions about angels and demons?

Okay, I have more than one question here…
1) Do you think deals with demons exist and can be carried out?
2) Do you trust everything that Bible says? Because even if it might be true, there might a different meaning to what is written there.
3) Also, if a Bible exists, shouldn’t there be a book written by demons?
3) Are you sure that angels are very pure creatures, and not those creatures who’s hands are covered with blood? (just like a lot of books and movies suggest)
4)Do you think demons are THAT bad?
5) Do you think that Hell is all about fire and torture? (After all, it has been said somewhere that Hell is called so, just because it doesn’t have God’s divine grace)
6) Have any of you (or people that you know) experienced any connection with that world?
7) Do you think that all those Grimoires (like, King Solomon’s) carry the true information about demons?
Thank you


  1. 1) yes but not common.. and i think its very risky. its obvious enough to say its probably the last thing anyone should do.
    2) no.. yer anyone can criticise me but one way or another, the first thing is, i dont understand the language of the way the bible is put lol. thats what i think and some christians take it abit too seriously and become hypocritical so i kinda wanto stay away from that area.
    3)there should&&shouldnt. demons arent easy to come across, i believe in most occassions when people do witness demons are when a known person/relative/friend is close to death. and sometimes it shouldnt be told openly, its a dark area and no-one can be certain but there’re small data wherever you look. they’re different to different people.
    4) in the end, they’re only demons for the same thing. they connect closer to the dark side. sometimes you can probably get out of things by the help of a demon but its always through deals or risky things and you’re definitely risking something that is very precious to you and something they want.. i guess but id never trust a demon for the whole journey.
    5)not really. you’re referring to the bible arent u hun lol. i believe there’s different stages of heaven and hell. e.g. the more ‘evil’ u are the more deeper into hell u get so the more freaky shit u go through but i cant say anything. no-one can. u cant go to the spiritual realm and come back. unless if ure jesus but thats another story coz i know nothing about the bible lol.
    6) yer through visions (if ur psychic) or when u have NDE near death experience. i never had one but my mate did and he really changed. he said his guardian angel held his arms out and gave him another chance and he feels fresh and cleaner. god idk what he saw but dude, he’s much more focused =)
    7) grimoires? god where do these come from lol. who knows if they’re something supernatural then u cant always trust them but go on half-half coz apparently humans are gullible. i believe that anyway lol.
    god will save us all? god.. get a life. sorry.
    hope this helped =)

  2. 1. I believe it’s true that they exist. But I don’t think they are here in the mortal world with us like a lot of the movies/books protray.
    2. I don’t trust the Bible that much, a lot of things don’t match up with some of the scientific facts and yes there might be other meanings to what everyone think they really mean. Afterall, the Bible is written by people, there’s not yet any real proof that it all happened.
    3a. Yes, I believe that there is also a hell book, as to the Bible is to heaven. I think there is one if you really search for it (or maybe it’s just a myth).
    3b. I guess I’ve been brainwashed with the media where I see the angels with wings and the ring on the top of their head and they glow.
    4. I don’t think demons are that bad, they just maybe made some bad choices before and so not permitted to heaven. Some should even trying to buy their way back to heaven.
    5. Yeah, I do think that hell is a dark and bloody red hot cave. With dead people working all the time, so very hard. Where they are being punished for their faults.
    6. I have not with either world.
    7. No, I don’t think Grimoires carry true information about demons.
    Lastly, I just wanted to add a fact of me contradicting myself here, that if God is so perfect, creator of all, then why would he create evil. Why would he even want people (souls or demons..etc) to do wrongs or create hell? I guess he’s just too bored.

  3. 1. Yes. Look at Banks and Auto, that’s just 2 so far…
    2. No.
    3. They do…it’s the National Enquire.
    3. Yes angles are pure creatures. But the team sucks.
    4. Not really. It’s the ones who keep listening to them.
    5. No, that’s scare tactic. Just keep your nose clean and do the right thing.
    6. We all have…ever drink?
    7. Grimoires? King Solomon’s? Well I know who Count Dracula is, and he’s cool, so yeah…Grims probably does.
    Eat some breakfast.

  4. Wow, that is a lot of questions and I don’t have all of the answers, but I’ll try and the first thing that I want to say is that the answer, “God will save us all” isn’t right. You are only saved by accepting that Jesus, was and is the Son of God and asking him to forgive you your sins and then to live in your heart.
    As far as your questions go:
    1. Yes, demons to exist. Satan is their leader and they do roam the earth looking for a place to make their home. They will lie to a person and make that person believe that they (demons) aren’t bad and that there is no true, living God.
    2. Yes, I do believe the Bible, it is the living Word of God. You may not think that it could ever have anything to do with you or answer any questions that you might have, but if you start reading it, you will find all kinds of things in it that apply directly to us. God’s Word says that there is nothing new under the sun.
    3. I personally don’t know of any books written by demons and don’t care to, but I think that it is possible. Satan had been one of God highest Angels and he had felt that he was better than God (the reason why he was banished from Heaven). So it could be possible that he would have a book written to exault himself.
    (3) 4. Yes, I do believe that Angels are pure. But, that being said, some of them do fight for God and fight to protect God’s children. Which will open up a lot of questions that I don’t have answers to. All I know is that God has a plan and that some of God’s people, innocent people leave us when they shouldn’t.
    (4) 5. Yes, demons are THAT bad.
    (5) 6. In the Bible, Hell is also called the Lake of fire; that doesn’t sound like a good time to me. I can tell you this, I don’t want to have to stand before God and have HIM look at Jesus and then tell me that HE never knew me. I don’t want to be able to see Heaven and see Jesus and God and then look out to the burning Lake of fire and be told that is where I belong and have to go.
    (6) 7. I don’t know of any one who has experienced either world. Well, I take that back. A friend of mine told me quite a few years ago, that his grandmother had told the family about a time when she was younger and had a sick child. She had gone to check on him and found Angels holding his hand and they were going up into the sky. The Angels said something to the boy and then he looked back and waved goodbye to her.
    (7) 8. I think that grimoires and demons would lie about anything if it would guarantee a soul be stolen from God. So, would they tell the truth about demons? No. If they told the truth, everyone would be okay with the idea of God being a living God and everyone would praise and worship Him. No one would complain about kids praying in school and God and Jesus would still hold a rightful place in the school system. Abortion would never have existed because people would look to God for guidance and know that HE doesn’t make junk and that each and every child deserves a chance to live. But, the more that Satan and his demons can make us believe that those things are wrong and we start believing that this is okay and that is okay the farther we pull from God and HIS plan for us.
    Also, I don’t feel that I am “too religious” I don’t go to church anymore, but I do believe and Love the Lord. After all, He sent His only son to shed his blood and die a terrible death as a sacrifice for all of us so that none of us would have to perish, but so that we could live forever with Him. The choice is ours.

  5. 1. Not sure
    2. Absolutely not
    3. By demons, do you mean the devil? The devil is supposedly a fallen angel.
    4. No idea
    5. Ditto
    6. No, not convinced
    7. Only spirits
    8. No idea


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