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Question to those who beleive in psychic mediums?

A very famous UK medium told me a few years ago that he could see me “bringing twin girls into the world”.
I have since had a single baby boy, and have not been able to get pregnant again since he was born two years ago due to fertility problems.
Does this mean that the medium was “wrong” about this and predicted twin girls rather than my son, or that these baby girls are still in the future? Its just that I’m 37 and my hubby has a low sperm count so our chances of conceiving again are very slight . . . I really can’t beleive I will ever have more children but I keep being drawn back to that prediction whenever I feel really upset about the fact . . .
I have never had a miscarraige or anything like that so its not as though that could represent the twins . . . I’ve only managed to get pregnant once in my entire life, and that was my son . . .


  1. May be your adopt twins or may be a new husband who has twins.It”s a pretty broad statement that when you should ask more questions.

  2. I believe that very few people who claim to be mediums can actually contact spirits and communicate with them.
    Many ‘mediums’ use a technique called ‘cold reading’ which enables them to make you believe that they know a lot about you during a reading than they actually do. They manage to identify certain aspects of your personality, body language, etc, to make assumptions about you and then subtly draw more information out of you through hidden questions. It’s quite clever, really.
    The medium that read you may have actually been right though, as i’m sure not every medium is a hoax. Miracles have occurred in the past with situations just like yours, and miracles do happen to normal people like you and I.
    I wish you luck…

  3. Im Pagan and i believe this stuff and you never know if your still having sex then it can happen and if he never told you when then more then likely it is to come

  4. Hello LadyMoon
    That is hard to say, the only person whom you could really ask is the psychic him/herself.
    Babies can be a hard area to sometimes reach into, I have found myself that pets can sometimes get muddled in the same energy.
    Your circumstances would make things hard for you, may be your son will have twins, who can say.
    see profile 🙂


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