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Question to ask the Christians.?

Do you feel a shifting in the spiritual realm.?


  1. Yes. It is hard to know if it is something new or if it is something old we are being made aware of. It appears in my little place in this universe that people, and especially Christians are starting to polarize to one side or the other of their beliefs. Hard right and hard left.

  2. Oh yes, absolutely, how can you be so closely connected to the Spirit and not feel it ??? I see God gathering His remnant, the real church is getting smaller and smaller, God is sorting out. I also noticed that the Holy Spirit and the Anointing are getting much stronger.
    I also agree with what Wayne T said, that most people who call themselves Christians don’t even realize any shift going on because they are not connected.

  3. Yes, I do,not necessarily a positive one however.Too many Christians are in love with their own walk with Christ and rely too much on signs and wonders and not truly in love with the Lord Jesus and having true faith.Too much emphasis is put on “look what I am doing for You Lord” rather than actions that glorify God and bring unity to His body.

  4. Sure do. We are getting so close to the end. The Holy Spirit is pulling away little by little. Satan and his minions are gaining more control over this evil world. And so many are blind to all this. Those who have ears, let them hear.

  5. …in the sense that more and more people are beginning to connect with the world of spirituality…that there is a great deal more around us than what we experience on earth in this life…the portals are being wedged open and we are beginning to catch glimpses of other realms and are becoming more accepting of it’s endless possibilities…something I, for one, would never have even considered some 30 yrs ago

  6. definitely. i wanted to ask this about six months ago, but i didn’t know exactly how to phrase it. or maybe i thought it was just me. it was hard to tell, because as i think i’ve mentioned in response to one of your questions before, i’m a newcomer to Christ. there’s something being revealed to us, and i think the charismatic movement is a bit of an indication of that. it’s comforting, but a little bit eerie at the same time.
    by the way, go get that book, ”repositioning yourself.” i haven’t had much time to read it, and i’m only about halfway through, but i’m loving what i’ve read so far. wal mart has the hardback edition for about $17. you said you were interested, so i’m telling you- it’s GOOD!

  7. we are to be aware of the spirit world at all times for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. I myself always feel this also builds my faith. Let the Holy Spirit move through you

  8. 90% of what God is doing is in the Spiritual realm. Most of us would look at the outward things and think that this is what God is all about. When we look in the Bible and see that the worship in truthfulness is in spirit. The Dwelling place of God is in spirit. The warfare is in spirit. The Kingdom of the Heavens in the hearts of men and women is of the spiritual realm.
    Truly.. there is a definate shifting and much activity happening in the spiritual realm that as believers we have to be before the Lord about. May we not be so fooled to put all of our efforts and give ourselves for the mere physical things such as prosperity or earthly riches or trends. The real work is in the Divine realm.. this mysterious realm. May the Lord truly have a way to adjust us inwardly where the real emphasis and the real happenings are.
    The Lord is preparing His Bride in this realm..He is dealing with His enemy satan in this realm. We fight in this realm and need to learn how to be equipped to see deeper and have a spiritual knowing and care for what is truly taking place in this world.
    I appreciate our Brother Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1:17
    ” The the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory may give to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of Him”
    May this too be our prayer
    ur sister

  9. There are a number of shifts taking place in our world that’s impacting the body of Christ.
    There is a falling away from fundamentalism. People are not taking the Bible literally today. Many Christians question biblical absolutes and moral imperatives. Secular humanism has crept into many mainline denominations.
    There is a heighten interest in Bible prophecy. This is a positive note in Christianity. People want to know where this present world is heading.
    Our hope is in Christ.
    Romans 10:9
    John 3:16
    Have faith dear friends in God.


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