Question regarding Near Death Experience?

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Has anyone ever reported having a near death experience in which something happened that they had never had in their mind before?
It seems that the ones I have read about always involve something to do with things that they already thought would happen when they died.
eg. a person with a guilty conscious thinks they visit hell and a religious person sees a light or jesus. someone who may not be religious may be shown “the truth” which could be a person who already wants to believe subconsciously…any ideas? personal experiences?
Why does no one ever see anything original in a NDE?

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buddy nice guy

also how come those Jon Edward, contact the dead guys, never get any kind of answers about the after life

Perfect Drug

They are due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. That is why many of them associate it to a bright light. But the large majority of people don’t remember anything.


This is true, I had something show up in my mom’s kitchen, still don;t know what it was, or I would explain it to you. It was some man in a white robe, could have been a demon or an angel, but this angel had no wings, so this confuses me, the angel took me or astral projected me into outer space, at the speed of light, to anothe rplanet on the outskirts of the milkyway, so this is something a five year old could not come up with, with my own imagination. To this day I still don’t know what it was.


Hmm, the one’s I have read are very individual and rarely about angels and Jesus but more about a feeling. It could have been someone that was very religious and thought they would see Jesus but didn’t or someone else that tried to lead a good life and simply accepted that they were in heaven, or the afterlife. Most of the experiences have several things in common though, they usually can not tell how long they were gone, usually have a feeling of being propelled or gravitated to a light through a dark place that does not scare them, they seem to be more indifferent to it and once they realise they don’t know how long they’ve been there they usuall are met or greated by someone that they may or may not recognize. They can communicate but not in the sense that we know it and they all seem to have understood that they were granted a deeper understanding. Though how it all is played out is different, throughout the world people report very similar things. The one last thing I found intriguing is that so many recall being given a “CHOICE” If they want to stay or go back and how many say after hearing they have more work to do and making the choice, just in that second they are harshly propelled back into their bodies. Many people do recall a life review of some sorts in which they experience not only how they felt in certain situations, but exactly how they made others feel. They all also seem to have in common a deeper feeling of purpose to life and drastically change how they have lived after, for some, a period of depression. I do wonder too. But I don’t give in for a second that it has anything to do with a lack of oxygen or the brain misfiring as one dies. Too many people from too many different backgrounds, including children, have too many things in common with these experiences. I’m a believer! 🙂


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