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question on Shamanism?

My friend is away for a week at …..I don’t know what to call it….Shamanism camp?
What goes on there?
well, I don’t know if it is a camp….
He’s just gone for that reason for a week.


  1. very antic-prehistoric-science of “evils and good” said to be in all humans- up to date.The only persons are the priests well versed in that science .many visit them for good other for evil designs too.The priest make their ” their bulk both ways”.It;s only a belief where people with “tired mental” go – I presume!Such priest have studied human behavior to some extent to be believed by their clients.
    I have a friend who went there by curiosity to know what they were up to.They read him well at his face then asked him to stand away.he heard one say to others ” Do not talk to this man “All obeyed.When he talked- put a question to the head priest he got that reply from another-” You are evil do not talk / disturb our God go away as fast as you can ,you can be killed here -it’s meal time for the evils”.
    They have all sorts of ready made strategies to meet all situations.In reality they are the disguised crooks- people from far off lands ( even billionaires go to them).One even paid half a million dollar to trace “a good one” in Asia.
    Poor empty billionaires!

  2. depends on what type of shamanism… is it core shamanism michael harner style? Or is it native shamanism to a specific culture? I have not been adopted by a native tribe so I have no familarity with that type of shamanism. But Core shamanism, they will do alot of drumming, possibly “sitting out”, meditation, & underworld journey, chances are that they will meet thier power animal. That has been my experience anyway…

  3. Depends what kind of shamanism. The word roots itself from Siberia, but most people think of American Indian medicine men. Africa has its own shamans as well. Shamanism belongs to a “primitive” belief system where everything around you is regarded as an entity or spirit and by going to the spirit world (journeying) you can ask for help or guidance. Usually being a shaman is a lifestyle choice like being a doctor or priest. It is widely believed that shamanic religions go hand in hand with a hunter-gathering lifestyle, and that shamanism was widely practiced everywhere in the inhabited world prior to settling down and farming (that is in the stone age). To me personally shamanism shows a connection between man and nature that we seem to have lost somewhere along the line. I have not been on any of these shamanic camps but I have done a lot of research to my nativity’s ancestral beliefs. I believe your friend will come back with a better insight to her own self.


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