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Question on Satanic Rituals and Magic?

A lot of people new to Satanism seem to ask me a lot about rituals and magic as they seem confused by what is written in the books as well as in interviews done with other Satanists and it got me thinking as well.
They say that on one hand they are told that to get results they need to vent their emotions while expressing what it is that they want to have happen. Like expressing their desire with words of what they want to happen and with feelings of how badly they need it or want it to happen. This way they release it and reach a state of catharsis which is the main point of Satanic ritual practice. In other words cry or use anger,etc to express how bad you want something.
Then they say at other times they are told that during the ritual you are suppose to envision it in your mind that you already have your desire and to verbalize that you have it already while feeling that it is already yours. In other words pretend that what you want has already happened in every way for you. And feel excited that you have it which means no crying or lust or anger is needed as you now have desire already and our satisfied so it is not neccessary to be angry anymore or upset or have lustfull desires.
Now they ask me which method is the right one to use that will really bring results and my response to them is to do whatever works for them and see.
For me I usually get results from the expressing what I want as I rarely use the method of fantasizing that it is done already. But I just wanted to get your thoughts on this matter that seems to come up a lot which really confuses people who are new to Satanism. Thank you!
hothead: When did I say there was a Devil? Satanists are atheists. read the Satanic Bible before commenting on the subject
no chance without Satan: that is what I would think as well.


  1. Myself I always vent my emotions by expressing what it is that I want.
    That way you get it out of your system to reach a state of catharsis which is the whole point in the first place.
    I cannot fool myself into believing that I have it already, plus how is that getting rid of the emotions of anger, compassion or Lust?
    Results should not matter at all once you do that. But like many Satanists I have seen results come out of that and they tend to come out of nowhere as a surprise!

  2. Do you ever have Mike Myers and Dana Carvey doing that whole Church Lady thing while you’re at your rituals?
    That would be something to see.

  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is NO satan/devil/george w bush…
    that was a lie and deception of religion
    Peace be with You
    p.s. practice Merlin’s magic IF you want to go to Heaven

  4. In my opinion as a professional, LOL, I think that the method you incorporate should be reflective of which ritual you are performing. For instance in performing the destruction or compassion ritual one must tap into their emotional energies of anger and mercy respectively.
    The sex ritual is another story. Since sexual conquests require a certain amount of confidence to begin with, I feel as it is more appropriate to exhibit a mind state of: “I already have,” or “I am going to get.”


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