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Question for Witches/Wiccans/Earth Based/ Open Minds?

When was your spiritual awakening for your present way of life and what do you think attributed to your decision of your faith?
My awakening was at 17 years old.My dad had just died.My mom and my dad were both evangelical full gospel ministers.I had to face my reality and that was that I did not believe in much of what I had been taught.I bought a few books and went into my shell and what I would learn from there would help me in my grieving process and soon change my opinions on what I thought I knew about myself and the world around me.Not only was it an awakening but also a freeing experience that changed my life forever.


  1. I knew next to nothing about Wicca and other Pagan paths until I met my boyfriend – that was three years ago. I started reading books and talking to him about it, but it wasn’t until I actually did my first ritual that I had my spiritual awakening.
    My decision was probably like that of others who find religion themselves (rather than being indoctrinated into one) – the beliefs are close to my own and the practice feels right to me.

  2. well, i’m a wiccan, and my path started when i began to question the origins of the Christian faith that i had been brought up in. i had always wondered what it would be like to worship the Deities i had learned about in History class,so i started researching Neo Pagan beliefs. then i got into some of the chatrooms,and began asking questions. i found that so many of the beliefs i’d held my whole life as totally Christian based were shared, and in fact started, by Paganism. Many of my new friends in the rooms urged me to get books on Wicca and Paganism. i read several books,and found that Wicca was the Path i most agreed with.

  3. My girlfriend is pagan and when I got hurt, I read a lot of books and talked with her and friends.
    I’m kinda an agnostic pagan Odinist.
    Christianity was never for me. Too many hypocrites and people yelling about sin and love all at the same time. Stupid.

  4. My path began when I realized what hypocrisy existed in Christian-based faiths. I won’t go into detail, but I am sure you have realized the abuses that go on, a lot had made the news.
    Go ahead and give me the thumbs down now.
    And it continues.

  5. I was 15, and embarassingly enough, Charmed spurred it. I love that show, and still do despite its inaccuracies. My mom, my sister and I decided to look up Wicca since we love Charmed so much, so last Christmas I started my research and agreed with everything I’ve found. The funny thing is, my whole life has been pointing towards Wicca. Every childhood game I played with my friends had some aspect of Wicca in it, unbeknownst to me at the time. I guess the gods were calling me towards this path since I was little.


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