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question for witches/wiccans?

normally when calling the quarters, most people would use invoking/banishing pentagrams. do you think using the elemental symbols from ceremonial magick would work just as well?
here they are…. http://occult-advances.org/images/j.jpg


  1. I do neither. I have my own way of calling the quarters:
    I call upon four elemental Gods (whose names I won’t share here) to assist my workings when in a circle. A circle for me is like a small world of its own thus in my views it needs a “piece” of all that make the world: the four Classical elements and Spirit.
    Also, I don’t do any special gestures or use any symbols. I simply ask the appropriate God or Goddess of the appropriate element while facing towards his/her respective place in the circle (e.g. Earth in the North – I call upon a God for that while facing North) to “assist me in my workings and stand by me in this circle”.
    I also have quite vivid and strong imagination and visualization so I can easily keep picturing the elements in the quarters throughout the course of the ritual.

  2. What Alorer says is actually a very fine example of how to create your own ritual, using symbols, sacred names and so on which make sense to you and fit in your personal system. Unfortunately a lot of people just blindly follow what is written somewhere without understanding, questioning, fitting it in their belief system etc.
    I know you specifically asked witches (well, in a way we all are haha) and Wiccans and I am not an expert in their rituals and the backgrounds of these. But I am a huge promoter of the development and further development of rituals. That means after you are familiar with a “classical” ritual and understand the symbolism and the various aspects of it, you can adjust the ritual to whatever seems to fit better for you. Of course you need to make sure that the essential (abstract) aspects remain balanced. Having said that, I would assume that for calling the quarters you could use the elemental symbols or any other representation for them (Tarot cards, Archangels, candles…). Apart from that, the banishing or invoking Pentagrams as such have a deeper meaning. You invoke or banish a specific element for a specific purpose. So if you want to work with a specific element, at least you would need to have something which represents the act of banishing or invoking (depending on what you want to do) of that element. Just the elemental symbol as such may not be sufficient. So it would depend on what you mean by “using the elemental symbols instead”…

  3. When I call the quarter I use 4 arm gestures for each cardinal direction as defined by Oberon & Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart.
    East / Air – Arms extend up & out hands palms open
    South / Fire – Arms extend up fingers touching about the head
    West / Water – Arms down at the wast fingers touching
    North / Earth – Arms down & extend hands apart palms open

  4. The effectiveness of any ritual is largely a matter of intent, the precise symbol used is simply a tool for focusing that intent since the symbol is, to many people, not the thing itself. In Ceremonial Magick, where a Divine presence is not the issue and the intent revolves around the raising, structuring, and release of energy, whatever symbol best serves that purpose for you personally would be the best symbol for you to use. It must be remembered that Wicca is a religious/spiritual path and that their rituals are Theurgic rather than Thaumaturgic in nature, so a symbol reflective of their God and Goddess would be essential, if that is not the case with you then such a rule would not apply. In the basic 7 steps of ritual that shape any non-religious magickal working the establishment of the meta/microversal correlation is a matter personal preference, so you need not feel bound by any specific methodology as long as you conform to the actual Laws of Magick and Ethics.

  5. Honestly, I’m at the point where I’m not using elemental circles at all these days. It’s like drinking the water downriver from an ancient major metropolis.


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