Question for Wiccans: who wrote the Book Of Shadows?

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Glenn Beck


I believe each person writes their own, but I will star this question so my pagan friends can see it.


Gerald Gardner, the founder of the religion, compiled the first Book of Shadows from various sources, with the input of Doreen Valiente. Since then each Tradition has created its own and each individual Wiccan usually keeps their own version of the BoS, which is a journal/diary of one’s rituals, liturgy, recipes, elemental correspondences, and so forth.

Lady Winter Wolf

A Book of Shadows is used by a Witch, not all Witches are Wiccan. Each Book of Shadows is written by each individual Witch, and can be passed down to future generations who might add to it, or just use it as is.
Gerald Gardner did NOT write the first BoS; otherwise, how do you explain books that have been passed down through generations for hereditary witches who trace their line further back than the 1950’s (era when GG invented Wicca)

Patron Saint of Angels

Dean Koontz.


i believe each wiccan writes their own personal book of shadows full of rites, rituals, spells ect.


Each person pens their own, or contributes to a communal book.
There is not just one authoritative Book of Shadows.

Arizona Knight Wolf

There is no one BOOK OF SHADOWS. Each person is responsible for creating and keeping their own.

D Aravah

answer: Which one? Books of Shadows are typical personal to the individual. YOU decide what you want in yours. Some covens have a group one that is copied by each member and added to as a group. Each individuals usually have their own as well.


There is no one Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadows is a witch’s personal journal. Sometimes you will see a BOS that was written by a coven or a cirlce. This means that various member have added spells, rituals, recipes, ect to it. My husband and I are now starting our family BOS.


I did.


I’m not Wiccan, but I know that everone writes their own.

Allie Q

Gerald Gardner wrote the first Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadows is personal to each Wiccan – so every owner of a Book of Shadows would be the author of their own book.


No one.
The Book of Shadows is NOT a singular book, like the Bible. Every Wiccan/Witch writes his/her OWN book of shadows and keeps what he or she deems important to THEM in it.

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

There is no single “Book of Shadows.” Each coven generally has its own BoS recording the beliefs and rituals of the coven. Members make copies of said material into their own BoSs, and then often add their own personal material.
For Eclectics, the BoS is personal to each person’s unique practices.


The Book of Shadows was written by God and Goddess and they write new versions all the time


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