question for wiccans and christians?





when i got saved a little while ago and became a born again christian i was reading my bible one day outside and all of the sudden i got really tired and went inside to lay down and i fell alseep on my couch and when i woke up i couldnt move and i know scientist call it sleep paralysis but i remember seeing a dark figure sitting in my chair and we were talking but it was like a different language and its happened a few times aftyer that but it hasnt happened in months, and one time i was at my grandmothers house and i had sleep paralysis and i remember hearing a little girl calling my name or somethin and it freaked me out can someone give me answers?


  1. Why are you asking wiccans about that? They don’t even believe in the devil and all of that if that is what you think. What you describe is classic sleep paralysis. You are half in the dream world and half in the waking world. That is all it is. There are not any evil spirits trying to get to you.

  2. It sounds like you are a medium. If you are your ability will only get stronger now that is had manifested in you. It will help to smudge yourself and your house with sage or have a house blessing done by the church you go to. Good luck.

  3. You were…dreaming?
    Either that, or you were possessed by a demon…or the Devil himself…
    EDIT: How come I don’t have sleep paralysis? That’s not fair! I wake up most nights half-off of the bed…

  4. That’s called sleep paralisyis. It’s when you are in a waking dream. Basically you are fully conscious while you’re having a dream, you can’t move your body because that part of your brain is asleep.

  5. not to do with wiccans….but sounds like you can hear spirits. you should ask your pastor about it, just to see his input, but its best to further explore it yourself and don’t be afraid because spirits cannot phyiscally harm us

  6. has more to do with wiccans than people seem to think. sounds like a dark spirit. in your religion…….demon. sounds like its trying to possess you but your subconscious is refusing it. they are specialist at deception. it will say anything and take any form to convince you that its not a threat……hence the little girl.

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