Question for those wo can see auras…..?

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Like are you comfortable see auras all around you does it make you anxious, what advantages are there in seeing auras… i was thinking abt doing this myself… but thought idk.. like if it becomes overwelming and frightening …how would i get rid of it ….
how are your exp. with seeing auras
* for those who can see auras
uh why do i even post questions here

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People who see auras should go to a Dr. You see there is no such thing.


I dont see auras, but I do feel when something is Good or Evil, God gave the ability to identify people who could be Evil or just plane bad


Well I have awareness of my own aura from tactile imaging but I can’t sense other peoples auras yet
And about if it’s comfortable or not I’d say we get used to it after a while
What advantages? DETECTING PSYCHIC POWER LEVELS ^-^ and other stuff

Slightly Amused 5th account

If you want a serious answer……I used to see them all the time but had to force myself not to. It was more of an annoyance than anything. I can see them if I want to. Most of the time I don’t want to.
Some may make fun of me. Thats okay. I know what I see.


You’re just imagining things, auras aren’t real.


I can see the aura borealis. It’s like a halo around Alaska. It doesn’t scare me, though, because I know it’s coming every year.

Cebastian G

Excuseme would you give me your opinion about this video?:
Thank you!


Auras are just tricks of the eyes. If something is behind another object.. can you see its aura if it were placed so only the aura would show over the top of it? No.

space worm

I am not sure if aura’s exist in the way which people claim. reason 1, is because the colours which people claim to see are outside of the colour spectrum. By this I mean, we have the normal visible colours, red, yellow and blue, which are visible to all people and then we have ultra violet and infra red, both of which are outside of our perception. However, when people claim to see aura’s, they say they can be any colour, but this cannot be true, as the colours they say, do not exist outside of the spectrum, and if they were the same colours as inside the spectrum, everybody would be able to see them. reason 2, is based on those little camera machines which some psychics claim can photograph a persons aura. However, I have been to many psychic fairs with my friends, where these machines are used and I can repeatedly predict the colour of the supposed aura on the photograph. I do this by looking at the person to be photographed, taking account of their clothing, the lighting, their suntan or ruddiness of face and squinting my eyes. Each and every time, I am correct regarding the aura image taken by these “magic/psychic” camera’s.
I do not deny these aura’s exist at all, only that most of the so called psychics who claim to see them are in fact fake. And about their existence: they are not coloured. It is more of an electro magnetic field…


i have found a website which says that you can train your eyes to see aruas found it on google its called, , they say that with regular practice you can widen the colours you can see as we can only see colours in a certain way or something like that and its about changing how your eyes look at things a childern are suposed to be able to see aruas. its up to you try it see if you can see aruas i know that i am going to give it a go at least.


Ok , plenty of the things you’ve heard about auras aren’t true. Believe me and even though I know you’ll think I’m crazy I’ve been seeing this things since I can remember. I’ve heard people that claims seeing auras and telling you your color, mmm well for me that had lived with this thing all my life let me tell you they’re all liers. Seing people color is a really hard thing to do and most of people doesn`t really has one (color) they usually has white or yellow auras, I believe that people that truly has a color is because he or she has a really special energy I’ve seen just a few colored auras I really could count them with one hand. I don’t like skeptics is really easy to say that things doesn’t exist when you can’t actually see anything. But let me tell you that you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
People like me actually live in a hell sometimes, see things you shouldn’t, feel things you shouldn’t, you don’t know what a terrible course could be knowing just too much.
People that use to claim they can see things openly are usually liers, I’ve just told a few people in my entire life, people that I really trust. We usually don’t say anything because we know that people won’t understand they’re just too blind, you dont know how much. So be carefull to what and who you believe.
And answering your question dont worry it isn’t frightening at all. And well you can only see them if your open and concentrated . That usually happens to me without noticing so I get to see them all the time but I tell you again is something I was born with so you’ll probably be able to shut it down if you want do I don’t think you will


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