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Today at a psychic fair I had my Aura photographed. After I had a breif consultation with the therapist who said that I had a quite a weak aura with a lot of hollow energy due to radiation exposure around my right leg. It is true that the only place I have ever been x-rayed is my right foot so she was fairly accurate about that. She recommened I see her or another experianced reiki practioner to have my aura repaired and my chakra’s balanced and that this would improve my over all sense of well being and energy. I am interested in trying this but I do have some doubts. the reports she printed off for me say I have an orange aura but on reading about orange auras I am not really anything like the personality type they describe. I should be an loner explorer into extreme sports when I am quite a quite person into reading and art etc and I am not at all into extreme sports.
I don’t know if I should go for a treatment with her what do people think?


  1. How interesting is that???
    I wish I knew more about this stuff-my tiny religious
    education says it’s hog-wash but still as a human with
    a over curious mind I wonder often…so
    Maybe she IS accurate and you haven’t discovered your
    “extreme” self …yet…you COULD give something a shot-
    say like a indoor sky diving session-only costs $40 and
    can go up depending on time involved. E-mail me if you do
    go for treatment or exploring—Sounds like a fun opportunity!
    Just try it once. No harm or major money lost then 😉

  2. Hello Polly – I am a Reiki Master, Ordained Minister and licensed clinical Pharmacist, and saw your question. This nice to see chakra related questions, I have a yahoo interest group called Chakra-Ascension if you have more questions later. See the links below or at the 360 profile under my username.
    To answer your question, the colors of the aura layers (there are 7) and the chakras (also 7 major ones), change every second so these images are not representative of who you are at any time or most of the time, etc. Also, these bioenergetic colors can be understood as ‘quantum packets of information’ and information on any individual is unique to them, their soul and life experiences.
    So, ‘orange’ in YOUR aura, which is a real phenomeona only seen by clairvoyants, does not necessarily have the same meaning as any book or chart or table. Depending on the purity and skill of the ‘reader’ and at ‘where they are reading from’ in relation to themselves, ‘orange’ will say different things to different readers, so it’s not very practical or reliable as a single event. Sorry about the reality check, lol.
    Energy medicine like Reiki, Qigong, Therapeutic Touch, Crano-Sacral massage, even acupuncture, etc, is a long-term type of health & well-being support that traditionally goes together with training with a Master Spiritual Teacher for meditation and yoga skills and practice. The goal is mergence into God-Consciousness, (same as Christ Consciousness), enlightenment, self-realization, psycho-spiritual maturity and completion, etc.
    All this is not a hobby, or a game or mere curiosity, even though that’s how it catches a lot of initial attention. There may be no harm in seeing if a qualified energy worker like this lady, can give you a healing and see if you feel different. But the real path to self-healing and finding your greatest true self is a life-long commitment to self-effort under the guidance, protection and support of a true Spiritual Master Teacher – much more than just a Reiki Master or Psychic Healer or what-have-you.
    Good luck in your explorations!
    Rev. Dr. D. Nostrum, Pharm.D. MQM

  3. Hi, I think it wouldn’t hurt if you have never tried Reiki to go once and see how you like it. Was this a whole body aura picture? Don’t depend on the print-off, those are general interpretations for most people. Doesn’t mean its YOU. I’ve seen orange aura pics before and the individual was quite spiritual, not into extreme sports either. But they did have a lot of energy available (for whatever) and may have seemed intense to some people. While I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and I work as an IET (Integrated Energy Therapist) I am also into empowering others for self-healing. Do you feel energy either by inner sensing or by touch? If so I would recommend buying a book by Barbara Brennan called Hands of Light. Teach yourself. In the meantime if you have the money go get the Reiki and enjoy it.

  4. Yes, the aura changes. I would not worry aobut what color someone said that you aura is, just interesting to know. Always trust yourself more than anyone else, if someone says something that rings true for you or does not ring true for you, trust yourself.
    As for Reiki, It is a beautiful thing and I recommend trying it. If you really like the woman you spoke with at the psychic fair than work with her, but do not hesitate to interview a variety of practitioners to see who you like best.
    It is nice if you can commit to 5 or 6 treatments to really see how it will work for you but even if you only try it once, that is better than not doing it at all.
    Not only can the Reiki help restore the energy around the leg but it can give you a greater peace of mind helping you rest and relax better to that you have more vitality and energy when you need it.
    It can strengthen the immune system and help you to fight any illness or injury and just increase your sense of well being. It can help you to feel more productive and creative.

  5. your immune system is compromised that is all, you would do well to have an energy therapy but if you do not trust this person then seek out another practitioner. i would say if she relied solely on the aura picture that is a concern. the printouts are set pieces and indicative of minimal interpretation as there are limitations to these as colour variations and quantities where they are placed etc are all relevant.
    you have a tendency toward orange but it is tempered toward green, this means harmony and comfort would be quite important to you, the orange tends to the back of your head which means you would likely have a head full of ideas and creative projects, you would still need to bring these forward in some way.
    you have a rose colour over both shoulders so you may feel obligated to others in obscure ways, so may find yourself agreeing to things for expedience.
    the left of your spine runs a lovely purple it is mauvey so would suggest you try hard to accept your life, your circumstances and others for who they are.
    this may also indicate as it is a little murky around the lung that you either have smoked or have had bronchial issues this feels relatively minor damage wise but is still evident.
    there is a bluish tinge to the base and rear of your throat chakra this means that sometimes you find yourself just blurting things out without much thought about the best way to say it.
    there is much more to see in your aura you have an interest in a diverse number of areas and enjoy pulling information from many areas into a cohesive whole.
    i can see your fingernails and am unclear why, you bite them?

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