Question For those who believe in continious life times as humans – Reincarnation?

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If you died and you could find a way to communicate with a loved one who is still living, say through a medium or perhaps a sign or a channeled voice. What sign or way could you give your loved one still living that would guarantee that living person it was you communicating with them.
Seriously no stupid answers please.
Rev. TomCat.

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use a code word like a nickname that no one else knew except me and my loved one when I was alive


Something intimate that only they would know or could answer.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Well i believe in reincarnation but to a degree. Since we have to be some sort of energy before we are alive, then the body scoops us up and puts us in a body, then we are released once we die, and repeat


Only stupid answers suffice a stupid question


If we are talking about me, the sign would depend on the person i was contacting because i wouldn’t use the same method for everyone. I would do something that would be significant of my unique relationship to that person.
For example I call my parents every day at the same time to talk on the phone. If i was dead and wanted to communicate in some fashion maybe i would make their phone ring at the time i normally call them. But, if i tried this on my wife she wouldn’t the message becasue i never call her on the phone. If i wanted to communicate with her i would have to do something different like… gee, i dont know, maybe keep leaving the toilet seat up or something; who knows!
The point is it would have to be something unique to my relationship with that person so they know it was me and not a coincidence.


Spiritual Beings communicate through thoughts, with and without a human body. A Spirit or Individual with a human body first gets a thought or idea and intends for the other person or being communicated with to receive this thought. The thought is sent and also put into words through the body to this other Being or person. How many times have you already knew what a person was going to say before they said it or before they finished saying it? The Spirit or Individual originates the thought first and the other person can easily pick up this thought “instantly” before any words are spoken via a human body’s voice box. A Being also has a native ability to Know things. If a good friend or family member loses their human body, because of bodily death, and is communicating with me, which would have to be through thoughts because no more body and voice box, I would sense their presence, know who it was, and possibly pick up on and understand their thoughts or communication. With or without a human body, the Individual or Spiritual Being can still be present at times. Usually communication with a Being without a body is when their family members or friends are asleep. At this time, the Being with a body can be more aware and perceptive, because he does not have to deal with the material world so much.

Après moi, le déluge

i don’t think anybody of my loved ones would be interested on me communicating after death



I dont mean to degrade either or but to be honest I would honestly like to know...which is more powerful and has more potential...

What is after this life?

I have just done an exhaustive study on Rik Clay and the NWO, and I am totally questioning everything I ever thought I believed...

what is quantum physics and its limitation.?

when newton's law of motion can not work for quantum theory and newtons proof for light was wrong instead of wave he said particle.

This is a question for all of you who believe in reincarnation. Since there are millions of more people on?

the earth today than 5,000 years ago, and if all people have had a former life, how did the number of people now on...
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