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question for people who believe in reincarnation?

Until very recently, the human population adveraged about 50,000 people (give or take) and now with advancing medical technology/nutrition etc. there are about 6 billion people. where would the extra souls come from? would new ones have to be created?


  1. If we include bacteria, insects and every other living being there are plenty of bodies to go around. Most dharmic branches believe in other “realms” of existence too, such as heavens and hells, even other planets. Buddha taught that human rebirths are very rare and precious.

  2. This is a copy of my previous answer of pretty much the same question:
    I believe our spirits are mere “sparks” of the Divine. A part of the whole, but separate. Once a spirit has learned all it is to learn it returns to the whole. There is nothing saying how many “sparks” come off the Divine, when they come off or when they return. I don’t believe there is any set amount of spirits constantly reincarnating. Some are just starting their voyage, some have been doing it for a while and some may be on their last trip through.

  3. every soul is there with Allah. in the 4th month of pregnancy the soul is put in the body.
    Allah has everything in his record. Allah knows how many people he has to send and when. when are they going to die. how there life will be.
    Allah says in Quran.
    verily the knowledge of the hour is with Allah alone and it is he who sends down rain and knows what’s in the womb nor does anyone else know what is that he will earn on the morrow and in which land is he to die. verily with Allah is full knowledge and is acquainted with all things. 31:34

  4. technically, they dont have to be ‘extra’ souls, they just have to be pieces of the same souls,
    energy, which doesnt die, but can convert,
    and can ‘lose’ pieces of itself, that go into other energy hence making what seems like ‘new’ souls, but technically they are the same old souls just with new perspectives


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