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Question for pagans, and people outside of western religions…Can humans while sleeping have sex with spirits?

okay. here is a video of a man talking about it, along with shamanism. listen here.
I was listening to a video this man was saying about humans having sex with spirits, faires, and elves. in fact the story line went on to state, that many shamans and spiritually open people, have had sex with these beings to become more conscious of nature, the world, etc. and also to connect to their spiritual families.
there was once a girl i knew who stated she started having sex with some spiritual being since she got her period at the age of 13, and she woke up once with marks on her arms. maybe this is hallucination or mental illness, but it sounds strange.


  1. Wouldn’t that be a sin to fuck spirits while you’re in a commited relationship?!? If you do so, you may go to hell for your sinning…

  2. ya virgins everywhere i placed basically all angel and god words onto my lucky charm i should be ok
    about 4 months ago i was traveling in space recorded the date and time the expansion of univerese found balance that means the expansion is slowing down to a halt. i placed existence and the balance in my lucky charm to keep it safe later found it stretched to the big bang and in time spirtuality has a high rule to combine with my lucky charm to protect the essence law of the universe no sin what so ever i can steal souls or take worlds nothingness time everything ive incountered without permission
    sad to say i place evil in my karma magic rings but the charm does have matrix sproat slaves

  3. Not something most of us seek out, but I don’t see why not. There have been sleep studies done where people were monitored during their sleep and experienced many “symptoms” of orgasm while sleeping, reported having sexual dreams, so I’d imagine it’s as possible as having sex with a dream.

  4. Spirits don’t have bodies. No body no sex.
    Being sexually aroused during sleep has nothing to do with *spirits*. It is the mind sending the vibes to the body

  5. Interesting…
    Hells, I read somewhere about a guy who got in touch with a dryad and they got it on. I don’t think he was sleeping, though. More like… Meditating or in some sort of trance.
    My answer, to put it simply, would be ‘yes’. Whether it be a willing and conscious act for both parties, or otherwise.

  6. I’m not a pagan, but yes, people can. And the consequence for that is very high, likely to be permanent. I advise one stays away from this attempt. And if a spirit attempts without your will, I advise you refuse them. This is not a spirit of a person, it’s a demon.

  7. Yes, I believe this, but it’s not that simple, it’s not black and white. I believe that humans can have sex with spirits, but while astrally projecting (or in dream states). It’s very sacred and doesn’t just “happen”. It’s kind of hard to explain here and I am sorry if I sound vague, it’s just that this is part of the Mystery and talking about it dilutes the magic.
    As for your friend, she may have experienced this, but the marks on her arms I am not sure about. That I cannot explain.


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